An idea for Holy Paladins - Exorcism

Honestly, the biggest reason why a holy paladin doesn't cast exorcism in PVP or PVE isn't entirely because of the subpar damage ; it's because of the mana cost, and the fact that we can't really expend extra mana on things like damage.

My proposition, even if it is a half-baked one, would be to make Exorcism regenerate a portion of the paladin's mana over time. This would add a little extra diversity to the Holy Paladin's playstyle, as well as give us another tool to continue healing in tight situations.
Alternatively, you could make denounce proced exorcisms free, so we can push the button without screwing ourselves in the long run. However, since hard choices are the theme over no brainers, don't expect any changes.
Or, we could make Exorcism give a charge of Holy Power with a 10 second internal cooldown. And reduce it's mana cost by 50%, therefore balancing a little bit.
If you like throwing Exorcism in here and there, just pick it up. Yes, you might have to sacrifice other talents in order to, but really, you're not complaining because you have multiple useful talents and therefore have a bit of choice in your hands, right?
Actually, I have the talents. And with the talents, exorcism's cost still doesn't generally justify it's use.

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