Help me with my comp.

Okay, so.... my cousins and I are gearing up for 3v3 in the xpac, and we have to choose what our comp should be. Help us!! Based on your decision, we will choose who to level to 85 and gear up.

Member A: Has an 80 Warrior, Shaman, and Priest. 45 Paladin, but he's pretty low.
Member B: Only has an 80 Rogue.
Member C: Has an 80 Paladin, Shaman, Mage, Priest, and Rogue.

What should our 3v3 comp be?
First go with Resto Sham, 2nd go mut with the rogue, then frost mage on third.
Also maybe try 1rst with arms war, 2nd mut rogue, third h pally
You could run basically anything with those classes; just zerg healers and profit. Free 1800.
Resto shaman rogue mage is prob the best out of those, though.

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