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12/14/2010 9:47 PMPosted by Anthus
LoD and HL are complete useless due to their disgraceful throughput (Valekian, there is no way you are using HL as your main heal in raid/dungeons, it is impossible to keep a tank up w/ HL as you main heal ... IMPOSSIBLE). So now are down to HS (another ridiculously poor heal but a must use due to the potential to proc for a quick DL heal), and DL, with WoG when HP is maxed. FoL is a complete waist of mana.

Main heal as in, spam that until I need to use WoG of LoD. HS whenever I can, CS whenever I can. HL + Holy Radiance standing by the tank is usually totally fine; along with a hand of sacrifice.

I'm doing fine despite the nerfs.

If HL isn't your main heal, what is?
It's still possible for me to heal my heroics, but it's certainly gotten much more stressful and aggravating since I don't even use Holy Light anymore. Really depressing Blizz, real bloody depressing. I'm probably switching to Ret.
Holy Light is not quite dead, but as soon as people get a little more mana regen such that Divine Light is not such a blow to our mana, Holy Light will have no use at all.

In heroics, a lot of the heavy tank damage is fairly predictable. The boss enrages for a few seconds, winds up for a big hit, ads come, etc. With large tank health pools, it was possible to really put up some nice hps with just Holy Light and HS without resorting to Divine Light or losing the tank. Shock crits or Holy Light procing Daybreak were really powerful combined even with just Holy Word Glory.

Personally, I'm noticing the holy power loss more in battlegrounds. When I can't cast, I rely on that previously built up HP, and it's just not there. Or say someone awesomely peels that rogue/warrior/DK off, and it was possible to recharge 3 HP in just a few seconds with a HS crit or Daybreak proc. The point is, even if you don't need the heals, generating the HP for when someone is shiving you again was really nice. Now you can't unless you want to burn 15k mana.
mine is now Divine Light, just dont cast it so often, ive got high mp5 as well which helps and im actually doing really well also. but i still miss holy light
<blockquote data-quote="15361258307"><div>Posted by Benadorant</div>The problem with the holy paladin build was that they were too mana efficient because light of dawn hit raids like a truck. Their solution was to not only bring down the base healing of light of dawn by 40% by also eliminate the way that we build light of dawn to be used quickly.

I think they took a horrible approach to this entire process.

The big part of the fun of playing as a paladin healer is that it was building a rotation and you worked to keep the rotation. Holy shock, holy light, holy light, Word of glory for tank healing. I actually did not use Light of Dawn very much because I enjoyed the 30% chance to get back those points and typically only 2 or 3 people needed healing anyway. So I felt I was smart healing. As another poster stated, by making the changes they have made I find myself not casting holy light at all.

The only purpose to casting holy light before was because it was a mana efficient move that generated holy power. I didn't even care about the fact that it healed because you never really noticed it anyway, what's a 10k heal going to help on a 150k tank? HOWEVER, it was really nice to see when your rotation was working their hp would steadily STEADILY increase, it pretty much matched the damage incoming in most situations. Without the generation of holy power from holy light, I don't ever find myself casting it. Its a 2 second cast that hits like a pebble. I definitely don't have 2 seconds in any fight to cast such a low power spell.

All that needed to be done was a nice huge nerf to light of dawn. The entire concept behind holy pally was supposed to be healing throughput rather than AoE and HoT spells and that has been severly limited by allowing us to only generate a full 3 stack of holy power every 18 sec without using HUGE spells like Light of dawn or Flash of light.

I enjoyed the rotation, it was fun, made me feel like I was doing something exciting. When something came up and messed with the rotation I would adapt, much like a dps class. Don't get rid of the rotation, change it back and make the spells more expensive and weaker or something, just don't take away the fun from the class.</blockquote>


I was extremely enjoying the "rotation" aspect to Paladin healing. I used to brag about how fun it was in vent until this monstrosity of a nerf. GG Blizz you took the fun out of healing for me.

I really wish they would have just nerfed LoD into the ground rather than take HL off of Tower. Now if I want to get WoG off, I either have to wait 18 seconds to use 3 Holy Shocks or blow a bunch of mana. It used to be helpful for emergiencies. HL - HL - HL (with a shock or 2 in there) and then WoG the tank, or I could Holy Light the tank during periods of light tank damage and use my WoG procs on the DPS. I guess all of this was outside the healing model and too "overpowered" for them.

Plan on either making Prot my main, or since my guild is pretty set on tanks, just switch my main. It's THAT AGGRAVATING.
well time to roll a druid
My god.. how many times are they going to nerf holy paladins -.- when 4.0.1 came out I was extremley excited about healing again, then they had to go and nerf the hell out of both, Blessed Life, and, Protector of the Innocent, AND now they've taken Holy Light off of ToR! -.- Holy Light heals for about 9.k right now on people with 100-150.k health. If it can't even generate holy power anymore all it's going to be used for is topping people off at 85-90% health. My paladin has been my main since the beginning of TBC, and I'm honestly considering just switching to a different class now. This is getting just ridiculous.
I actually use HL most of the time I spam it and us HS when I can, get 3 charges and use LoD/WoG depending on the situation.

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