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*sigh* Yet another tools update.



Mirror #2


If doesn't resolve for you replace the with one of the IP addresses from this file :

There are instructions included in the zip as to where to put it and how to get it to run.

If the doesn't resolve for you try replacing the part wtih :
:] you rock.
Thank you, I can't play WoW without your help now.
don't sigh, this tools update is designed to fix all launcher issues related to oldworld.mpq :P
He didn't sigh. He signed. ^_^

Spelling errors that aren't technically errors FTW.

Of course this could have been avoided had blizzard not changed the patch/cache method...
I dont understand! every time i try to go to one of those links it doesn't do anything it just keeps me at whatever page im on.
I don't understand what the WoW folder is that I'm supposed to put the Temp folder in
Also, what's the difference in the four downloads?
Also, i don't have all the programs needed to open folders like .DS_Store will that affect the proccess?
Nuoriginal this thread's for an older set of tools mirrors which aren't needed any longer. You should not be using them. You should be used the tools patch mirrors.

It's also over 5 months old - i don't assist people in threads that have been necroed.
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And I'm locking this one, so that people don't get confused with tools patches.
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