Working as intended?!

Quick clarification. Not being able to Shift out of poly, Working as intended or bugged?
hell yeah!!!!!!
Certainly intended, thought mostly for resto because of the addition of magic dispel. Feral is largely unaffected, but moonkin may be deserving of poly removal shifting.
Ferals deserve to be polied IMO!
Lame that now just another thing for us to have to trinket now.... but with the magic dispel that makes it pretty beast for rdru/war
Just shift before the poly goes off and you're golden.
^^ ya I def need to get my mods again. I was running arena on stock blizzard UI last night to test if I was going healer or feral. When I get my mods I doubt it will be a problem.
yes shift is good in pvp combat vs slowers
Poly is OP and you should be able to shift. I think it is a bug I make ticket to get fixed. Mages so broekn those who play it are bads looking for clutch

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