Engineering boosts in Arena?

Okay, so I thought that Eng was amazing in PVP so I got that and mining instead of skinning/LW.
It's pretty useful to chase people/run away in BG, but why is it disabled in Arena?
I don't see the point of engineering if you can't use it in just doesn't make any sense. That's like not counting enchanted items in pvp.
What's the point of using a profession when most of the good items are disabled in it?
I don't understand..why would you disable one thing that's great in pvp but you allow other stuff that's just as good?
Does anyone know the reason why you can't use it, or does anyone want to troll me, or make fun of me for not knowing something about engineering that's good in Arena?
I don't think 310% speed for 1-2 seconds once every Arena is op.
But what's the purpose of picking up engineering if you can't use its best stat? Doesn't that make it the worst profession? I've been looking forward to do Arena for the first time in 4 months, farmed engineering to 405 a few days before it got released and now I find out I can't use it.
This pisses me off more than mages and paladins.
Nitro boosts in arena was the most retarded op %#@@ in existence, I've lost many games because of them
Well nerf the speed or something. Don't just disable them, that ruins Engineering.
they are already nerfed by putting them on our belt. i don't want the speed reduced because it's still fun to use outside of arena... besides there are better enchants for belt for pvp.

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