Why all the hate on pallies Blizz!?

I wouldn't argue that holy spec was a little OP all things considered and that pally tanks (if the player is skilled appropriately) can hold their own with other tank classes, but ret is still horrible. However, the most recent hot fixes were to nerf holy while doing nothing for ret. Why not put out a press release saying you've decided that you're tired of seeing pallies and are trying to force people into other classes? At least with the option of being a slightly OP healer, my guild was happy to bring me along on heroics even though I was going as ret (knowing they would one day be asking me to be a raid healer). Now I may as well be the guild fisherman for all it matters.
Note: I'm not saying paladin heals got horrible, just that with the nerd, they may as well be any other healer, which my guild has plenty of. I was brought into the guild primarily to be DPS, which until cata I did a decent job of. I think it's quite a bit backwards for Blizz to worry about nerfing pally healers before addressing the already acknowledged issue of low ret DPS.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that they do. I'm sure if someone had the time, they could find the multitude of QQ posts and match the times they were written with many of the hot fixes released for the game.
However, my original post may be written a bit badly. Yes it's QQ. But I don't mean it so much as I'm against the holy spec changes as I'm against the fact that they made sure to nerf holy pally before doing ANYTHING to try and fix ret spec.

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