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Earthen Ring
Last Update: 03/21/2011

The Earthen Ring RP Guild List has long and faithfully been maintained in prior years by our very own Shaw/Sullivan. Continuing his tradition of excellence, I have redone the format to try and make it a bit more streamlined to keep things concise and easy for people to browse through.

Guild Name

Short Description

Recruiting: Open / Closed / Application Only
RP Experience: Novice / Veteran / All
RP Immersion: Complete / Voluntary / Casual

Contact/PR: Name 1, Name 2, Name 3

Explanations of the above:

Guild Name, GM, and Short Description should all be pretty self-explanatory. Keep the description short, please. If people are interested by your blurb, then they can continue on to your website.

Recruiting is the style of recruitment your guild engages in. Open means that you grab people up on the spot at random and are always looking for new people. Closed means that you are not actively seeking new members, but will snatch up a brilliant star if you happen across one. Application Only means that candidates can ONLY join your guild via an application process.

RP experience delineates what kind of role-players you are generally looking to recruit. Novices mean you are willing to accept even the greenest greenhorn, Veteran means you prefer people with experience, and All means you welcome folks from all levels of experience.

RP Immersion is how "into" RP your guild is. Complete immersion means you RP whenever you're in-game; your guildchat, your parties, your say/emotes are all in-character all the time. Voluntary immersion means people RP when and where they want to, but are more often In-Character than not. Casual means you occasionally RP, but are equal parts Out of Character and In-Character.

Contact/PR are your liaisons for new arrivals to contact when/if they decide that your guild suits them best.

Naturally, your guild website is self-explanatory.

If there are any additions or adjustments you'd like to make to the format, please do so, but as previously mentioned keep things brief to provide ease of browsing for potential candidates.

We also have a sister thread on the Earthen Ring RP Network:
Alliance (in alphabetical order)

Azerothian Republic Army
Details on Page 1 -- Post #17

Details on Page 1 -- Post #16

The Conjurer's Court
Details on Page 1 -- Post #15

House Shadowcrest
Details on Page 1 -- Post #10

The Fighters Guild
Details on Page 1 -- Post #8

The Herald Foundation
Details on Page 1 -- Post #13

The Order of the Ebon Circle
Details on Page 1 - Post #20

The Phantom Legion
Details on Page 1 -- Post #12

The Stormwind City Guard
Details on Page 1 -- Post #11

The Sunrise Brake
Details on Page 1 -- Post #19

Templars of the Rose
Details on Page 1 -- Post #6
Alliance (continued)

Space reserved

Blades of the Sun
Details on Page 1 -- Post #18

Blood of the Rose
Details on Page 2 -- Post #21

Gilneas Oppression Front
Details on Page 1 -- Post #14

Ironwolf Clan
Details on Page 2 -- Post #24

Kezan East Undermine Company
Details on Page 1 -- Post #9

Tears of Draenor
Details on Page 1 -- Post #7
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Horde (continued)

Space reserved
Templars of the Rose


Short Description
Templars is an Alliance roleplay guild that enjoys roleplaying on all corners of Azeroth, and fighting all things Burning Legion, Scourge and cultist. Their in-character stance towards the Horde has been traditionally neutral since its founding, with exceptions granted only to the most extreme circumstances. Out-of-character, Templars is a wide collection of ages, experiences and senses of humor, joined together for the goal of making the game fun.

Recruiting: Application & Ingame Roleplay
We ask that you first attend RP events or spontaneously roleplay with Templars ingame if you are interested in applying. Applications are available via an officer on our website.

RP Experience: All
We're more than happy to take on new roleplayers, but with the understanding that they will eventually stand on their own feet. Our roleplay experience ranges from novice to tabletop gurus of decades past.

RP Immersion: Voluntary
We host three regular RP events, none of which are mandatory. Our guild chat is in-character via a communication device called a "guildstone." It is a device that combines arcane magic and Gnomish engineering, and therefore has a reputation of occasionally exploding. Character-to-character interaction is frequent as well, along with roleplaying during PvP or dungeon runs.

Contact/PR: Arialynn, Kanta, Koryander, Jaffar
Tears of Draenor

GM: Kormok

Short Description:

A Horde clan that upholds four sacred Oaths; to strength, to honor, to endurance, and to victory over the foes of its people (in whatever form those foes may take). Its members come from all races, accept all creeds, and exist as a brotherhood that stands vigilant in the encroaching darkness. The Alliance are given no quarter when shown to be honorless adversaries.

Recruiting: Application Only. Please visit the website/forum listed for the application form.

RP Experience: All, though good communication skills really help. :)

RP Immersion: Voluntary. Tears of Draenor enjoy playing the game as presented as well as roleplaying in the world. Guildchat is entirely IC (the hearthstone network bound together via an air spirit), but a separate OOC channel is maintained for guild members only.

Contact/PR: Kormok, Awenita, Gorezug, Josren (Click on the main image to be directed to the site content.)
The Fighters Guild (A)
Bromie Rustbeard, The Iron Ram

The Fighters Guild is a rag-tag, drama-free group of Regular Joes who like to drink, fight and have a good time. No lofty save-the-world ambitions, no nobility or hoity-toity titles, no evil demonic agendas - just your average folk 'round here.

Recruiting: Open, with IC interview
RP Experience: Veterans preferred, will train novices
RP Immersion: Voluntary

Contact/PR: Bromie, Mirth

(Cross-posted on behalf of the Fighters Guild from our sister thread on the RP Network)
The Kezan East Undermine Company (H)

Nizzan Screamwhistle

A goblin incorporation dedicated to strip mining all of Azeroth (and every other plane), making scads of money, selling useless junk, peddling pornography, and generally being an irresponsible business venture. We will develop and sell anything to anyone as long as it pays. Nominally loyal to the Horde, though if the money is right...

Recruiting: Open, IC interview and paperwork required

RP Experience: All, will accommodate newbies

RP Immersion:
Complete - players are expected to be IC in any visible channels (say, emote) but may be OOC anywhere else.

Contact/PR: Nizzan
House Shadowcrest
Lady Kyna Vance, Duchess of Shadowmyst Village

Looking for employment? Locate your nearest Company merchant and ask how you can be hired into Shadowcrest Shipping Company! Many benefits including discount on wares and the knowledge that you've aided in the fastest growing arms dealers in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Recruiting: Application / IC interview (See website)
RP Experience: All (Basic knowledge is preferred)
RP Immersion: Voluntary / Casual

Contact/PR: Kynav
The Stormwind City Guard
Josietta Anderson

The Stormwind Guard is a guild for players wishing to RP characters that are city guards.

Recruiting: Open - however, an IC application/interview is required
RP Experience: Experience preferred, new RPers welcome
RP Immersion: Voluntary

Contact/PR: Josietta, Genui, Eames

(( Cross-posted on behalf of The Stormwind City Guard from our sister thread on the RP Network! ))
The Phantom Legion

The Phantom Legion is a RP-PvE guild that also focuses heavily on pvp. From an IC perspective we're strongly anti-horde, and rather ruthless to get the job done but we consider ourselves good guys and do not allow corruption of any kind within our ranks.

From an OOC perspective we are very successful in pvp due to many pvp veterans from Shadow Remains and other guilds. In pve we are successful because membership does not instantly allow one to raid. Raiders will raid based on skill and gear so not to hold back our talent. This allows our raiders to become the best they can and non-raiders to benefit from the friendship, help, and free gear that having a raiding team gives.

Recruiting: Application Only
RP Experience: All
RP Immersion: Voluntary

Contact/PR: Monroe, Zacheus, Velhari

(( Cross-posted on behalf of The Phantom Legion from our sister thread on the RP Network! ))
The Herald Foundation (A)
Hulde Windstrike, Isaac Gravander

ICly, the Foundation is a somewhat informal collection of scholars, lorekeepers, soldiers and bards that come together in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge. OOCly, we're a small group of players who like to dabble in the many activities WoW has to offer. We're serious about keeping a relaxed vibe throughout.

Recruiting: Application Only (No credit score required!)
RP Experience: All
RP Immersion: Voluntary/Casual. Our guildchat is OOC and generally lighthearted.

Contact/PR: Hulde/Aegrid, Gravander/Alfreid
Gilneas Oppression Front (Horde)

Roterick J Skinvee

We are in Development. Which is to say, we have the Guild, we have the ranks, but we need the people! Guild ranks have the potential to be changed since we just got started, we plan to take on a Council based leadership. This guild is based in Ambermill, mostly Military, but we do have NCP (Non-Combat Personnel) Ranks. Think of it this way, there are folks who live in Ambermill, undead folks, who are now sharing the area with some Military folk. (Feel free to whisper me with any question regarding the Gilneas Oppression Front or send mail to me In-game on Roterick and I'll do my best to answer your question(s).)

The template for the idea is based on Russian military colonies during the time of the Tsars.

Recruiting: Application, (Simply in-game mail, you’re applying for Military/Citizenry)

Rp Experience: As long as you’re Undead, and not the almighty Fairy lord of Azeroth, you should be fine.

Rp Immersion: Voluntary.

Contacts: Gledriran, Roterick, and Ruppert (Trayssa)
GM- Kelsus

Short Description- The Conjurers Court is a Heavy Casual Roleplaying Guild that centers itself in a magic themed roleplay. Acting as a Paramilitary Magical Order, the Conjurer Court serves as the Alliance's guild of magical law enforocement and peacekeepers. The Court has been around for nearly 2 long years, and has a very strong community centered guild. The Court support and endorses enjoyment of the game, and has been doing raids, dungeons, and in-game events as well.


Standard grammar skills.

Basic knowledge of roleplay (Such as knowing what is IC and OOC).

Tolerace of all players in the guild (No bashing people on chat, ect).

Aceptable behavior (No griefing other roleplayers RP, respectful).

Recruiting: Open to all (IC Interview is required)

RP Experience: Experienced but beginners are acepted into the guild as well.

RP Immersion: Casual, Guild Chat is OOC. We have an IC Channel via "Radio-like device"

Contact/PR: Kelsus (Primarly), or any Conjurer member online. Officers are: Jurar, Nairus, Talthain, Cindervein, Radighast, Darenis, Nothious, and Kalren.

Guild: <Blackdawn>
GM: Alysdair

Blackdawn is a militia force stationed in Silverpine Forest, part of the Gilnean Liberation Front that continues to fight the Forsaken and Horde forces. We are not entirely Lawful-Good in alignment, as we serve Gilneas, Greymane, and Blackdawn. We provide protection, shelter, and assistance to Gilnean and Worgen who accept it, and maintain a strong Pack mentality with our brothers and sisters in arms who have earned themselves our recognition. As with many "military" guilds, not all members are combatants, and we have a good deal of logistics and civilian members who provide a less-strict feel for the guild to make it welcome and friendly to all.

Our core values are:
-- To create a welcoming and trusting Roleplay environment that is open ended for all members to contribute and mold towards their own characters
-- To teach and develop Roleplay Potential in people who are otherwise unknown or little-known to the community as a whole
-- To bridge the gaps between other guilds, to draw more Roleplay Potential from the server itself and remove the idea of "roleplay cliques" common on older servers
-- To give everyone a chance to become "That Person." You know who it is. That person who knows everyone, has the influence to start an event, to plan a plot, and to someday go and make their own name for themselves.

Recruiting: Open (With in-game and OOC interview and initiation phase)
RP Experience: Preferably RP experience but we are willing to teach novice players
RP Immersion: Casual. Guild Chat is IC as a "radio-like device," with an OOC chat channel.

Contact/PR: Alysdair (GM), Carmyne (GM-XO), Ginlan (Officer), Ranaga (Officer)

<Azerothian Republic Army>
GM: Marighella

The Azerothian Republic Army is a pro-democracy based guild. The name comes from WC1 where Stormwind was named the "Kingdom of Azeroth", well the ARA wants to turn the "Kingdom of Azeroth" into the "Republic of Azeroth". We are opposed to all goverment alligned guilds. The guild is focused guild rp. What I mean by that is we have a guild storyline. We will be talking to other guilds, and arrange many events. For rules, lore, our declaration, goals, or for just a better understanding of our guild, go to our website listed below. You are not required to fight, our first rank is supporter. Supporting the cause, attend rallies, protest, ect... We even have a newspaper writer. I am sure we can find something that will fit your character. We want you to enjoy your rp. :)

Requirements: You must know how to rp, or are willing to learn how to.You must also follow the rules of our guild, listed on our site.
Recruiting status: Open

RP Immersion: However you want to do it is fine. But understand not everyone uses party chat for rp. The only places I expect people to rp in is /s and /e other then that, feel free to remain ooc.

Contacts: Anyone can recruit. But for active recruiters contact Marighella, Phryea or Gorgidas(You will see Gorg or Phryea in Human territory spouting anti-wrynn propoganda every so often)
Blades of the Sun

GM: Ryluvia

Short Description
Rebuilding. TBA

Recruiting: Rebuilding as of 9-19-12

RP Experience: All

RP Immersion: Voluntary. Blades of the Sun enjoy playing the game as much as RPing in the world. No member is forced to RP, but respecting those that do is required. Guild chat is OOC with a seperate channel for IC communications.

Contact/PR: Ryluvia
The Sunrise Brake

GM: Fraxinus

The Sunrise Brake is a coalition of nature's protectors. Anyone interested in cultivating, protecting and restoring Azeroth's wildlands are welcome to join. Recruitment is open to all levels and classes, and we encourage both veteran and novice roleplayers to join.

Recruiting: Open
RP Experience: All
RP Immersion: Casual

Contact/PR: Fraxinus
The Order of the Ebon Circle


Short Description
A knighthood with a history of rebellion, the Ebon Circle now focuses its efforts on changing policy by example. They focus on real threats to Azeroth and, with the addition of the Draenei, Outland--the Burning Legion, the Scourge, Twilight's Hammer. Their attitude towards the Horde is neutral in general, though specific factions of the Horde earn their own reputation.

Recruiting: Open

RP Experience: All

RP Immersion: Casual. Guildchat is OOC, though a special enchanted/engineered "broadcaster" allows for an IC chat channel and whispers; /s is usually IC.

Contact/PR: Hygelak, Seliona, Arigise.

Visit us at

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