Earthen Ring RP Guild Listing -- 12/21/11

Earthen Ring
Blood of the Rose


Short Description
Blood is a Horde roleplay guild that enjoys roleplaying on all around of Azeroth, and fighting all things that prove to be an outstanding threat to her being. Their in-character stance towards the Alliance has been traditionally neutral since its founding, with exceptions granted only to the most extreme circumstances. Out-of-character, Blood has a variety of ages, experiences and senses of humor, joined together for the goal of making the game fun.

Recruiting: Application & Ingame Roleplay
We ask that you first attend RP events or spontaneously roleplay with Blood ingame if you are interested in applying. Applications are available via an officer on our website.

RP Experience: All
We're more than happy to take on new roleplayers, but with the understanding that they will eventually stand on their own feet. Our roleplay experience ranges from novice to tabletop gurus of decades past.

RP Immersion: Voluntary
We host three regular RP events, none of which are mandatory. Our guild chat is in-character via a communication device called a "guildstone." It is a device that combines arcane magic and elven relics. Character-to-character interaction is frequent as well, along with roleplaying during PvP or dungeon runs.

Contact/PR: Carmila, Nylian, Maelstrome
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Ironwolf Clan

Chieftain: Azaru Ironwolf

Description Ironwolves are made of blood and sweat, war and steel, and of pride and honor. Our runts join not because it’s easy, but because they know it’s hard. They grit their teeth with the pain and the overbearing work, because they know what they can become part of. We give up everything so that we can become some of the finest, strongest, bravest warriors that the Horde has seen in ages.

Ironwolves are part metal and animal. We’re fierce, fast, strong warriors that you wouldn’t want to meet in combat, because you’ll end up on the wrong side of the axe. If we’re fighting on your side, you better be glad it’s that way.

Ironwolves aren’t born, but made. They start out as raw ore that’s beaten from the earth with a crude pickaxe and molded from fire into a useful, potential bar. With a sturdy and strong hammer, they’re crafted into firm weapons and armor. The wolf inside them is raised from a pup to become the best of the pack. Their fangs and claws are deadly, striking down enemies with speed and brutality. Blood stains their fur. Battle takes over and they revert to the animal, true orcish instincts of war.

Recruiting: Open
RP Experience: Veteran
RP Immersion: Complete

Contact/PR: Azaru, Vorkresh, Eradash, Gorshnek

Check us out at

GM: Fengshui
Raid Leader: Kaduce
Recruitment Office: Adianya

Short Description: Our guild came together on Earthen Ring this for Pandaria. We are a 12 person guild with a talented core group of raiders. We are currently focusing our efforts on 10 man raiding in Pandaria and moving up the guild ranks on the Earthen Ring server.

Recruiting: Shadow Priest, Mistweaver Monk, Warlock. Rest will be considered on a one-on-one basis.

RP Exprience/Immersion: We respect RPers but do not consider ourselves an RP guild.

Contact/PR: Adianya

Visit us ingame as our website is not regularly used.
Guild Name: Shado-Pan Detachment
GM: Liûkang

Short Description: We are a new, small group of players who enjoy RP and have a rich back story. We plan many weekly RP evetns and activitys along with interacting with other large RP guilds. The main concept of our guild is: Due to the recent events in the vale (5.4) the Shado-Pan have dispatched a group of warriors to find new members and train them and prepare them for taking down Garrosh. Weekly training sessions with Master Kang will be provided (IC)

Recruiting: All Classes + Races (Death Knights see GM)
- In need of officers/raid RP leaders etc *see GM*

RP Exprience/Immersion: Anyone who knows the basics of med - hev RP, we welcome OOC players as well if they want the title or just want a group of friends, but we ask they respect the RPers.

Contact/PR: Liûkang
It is better to message me In-Game than via web as it is much faster at the moment.

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