Prot paladin help

Hey guys im struggling as a prot pally now in cata. I was wondering what are we suppose to gem for and what are our most important stats? thank you
Stamina is always king, then ...


1.00 Mastery
0.91 Parry
0.77 Dodge
0.45 AGIL
0.35 Armor

dodge is lower then parry because gear has more dodge then it does parry so you get DR faster.
if you having issues with dieing ect, get your avoidance up, stam is important but fully avoiding a hit is better than having a little more hp to soak a bit of it
Oceanlab's stats are great #'s..... except you're going to need a certain amount of expertise and hit % if you want to tank. avoidance and mit don't count for much if you can't hold aggro

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