Cata Paladin -- Questions

Alright, so, I finally got Cata and installed it and everything. I haven't played WoW since before ICC dropped. Prior to it, I was dual specced Holy/Prot for raiding purposes, with a build set for ret as well. I've been told with the talents being redone and everything that I'm going to be relearning my class. So, for all those of you who have already hit 85 -- or even those on your way there -- I've got few questions.

1.) What, do you feel, is the best leveling spec/build? Feel free to link to yours if you don't feel like typing it all out, but do give me a brief run down on why you feel it's the best? I'm looking for the build that will help me get to 85 the fastest so I can start running end game content. Along with this, where do you apply your talents as you level?

2.) For endgame, I feel like I want to switch it up a bit. I'll probably be seeking out my old guild to rejoin them for raiding, so I know it depends a lot on what they need, but as far as usefulness -- which spec for a paladin holds the "best" spot? I know it's all subjective, and I'm just looking for opinions here.
For leveling i would recommend protection, you crank out a decent chunk of dps while also having a amazing amount of survivability.

for Endgame go Holy or Prot both specs are pretty solid (holy paladins are still arguably one of the best healers in the game), or if you like gambling play Ret.
I leveled as holy using a shockadin type spec. The purpose was not having to build 2 sets of gear: 1 for leveling and 1 for healing which I intended to do at 85.

There was very little downtime ever with this spec and the pace I killed mobs was pretty good. Make sure you use Insight and the exorcism spam is pretty nice damage. I kept it as my secondary spec for dailies and such so I don't have to take 5 minutes to kill one mob or go OOM spamming exorcism. Also, 1 set of gear is really all you need.

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