Necrotic Strike and you

First of all, how is this DK skill balanced? It's 10 times worse than mortal strike for a healer. They can spam it in unholy presence faster than you can possibly heal. It turns holy shock into a 0 heal, 3 HP WoG into a 7k heal, and DL into a 12k heal and thus makes GotAK + DL only a 24k heal, GotAK + HS still a 0 heal, etc.

I've been dueling a lot and I can outlast the damage of any class for quite a while. If the opponent doesn't want to die, they won't because of holy's garbage DPS but I've managed to take down a few classes. That's not the point of holy anyway, I play it to survive. The most lopsided fight I've seen right now is DK vs any healer and I think that is because Necrotic Strike is broken right now. My 2 DK buddies agree with me on every level too. It's spammable and with a lot of attack power it absorbs waaaay too much healing, not to mention the 30% longer cast time of heals. It cannot be dispelled as far as I can tell, unless that is only an unholy DK thing.

Have you lived through necrotic strike? How did you do it?
It's been broken since beta, and Blizzard hasn't acknowledged it yet. It'll be nerfed once S9 really kicks off.
Yes yes and yes. Even the DKs in my guild agree with OP lol.
Well heres my theory... I havent leveled my dk up from 80 yet but i played with necrotic strike in the beta. It only absorbs the next heal received correct? well pop Holy radiance and time your holy shock and casted heals in between holy radiance's ticks removing the debuff :)

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