Still need rating for wrathful shoulders?

What gives? I was looking forward to hopefully completeing my wrathful set today only to find that you still need 2k rating? What the hell is that all about? First you give away practically all the gear for free but then decide that nope you still need a 2k rating just to complete the set? Thanks alot for that blizzard.

You know I wouldn't have minded so much had they not given the 4/5 pieces away so freely, but now I'm stuck not able to complete the set at all? Nice one there. You screwed everyone who got 1800 legit and gave their weaps away for nothing but THEN also made it so the ones who weren't quite able to make it to 2k are left standing around missing the last piece of gear they need to complete for aesthetics? Great.
No I'm not trolling. Why should you need rating for outdated gear? Whats the reasoning behind that? You don't need rating to complete the brutal set.

Whats the reasoning behind letting people only get 4/5 of an outdated set of gear now? Seriously I dont care if you can't get the 270 weaps but at least let people who want to complete sets for aesthetic reasons do it. I shouldn't need to get a rating for last expansions gear as I wasn't planning on focusing on arenas this expansion, and unfortunately last season I wasn't running FOTM class comps. It's not as if skill was ever a factor in getting 2k in 3s anyways.
I think the rating still shows up in red but it still lets you buy and equip

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