List of Guild XP for Dungeons, Raids, and BGs

Please post your findings of Guild XP awarded from kills and wins in Dungeons, Raids, and Rated Battlegrounds. The short answer is that a small guild that runs Heroics as a guild every day should easily be able to cap guild XP.

All XP numbers are 'per guildmate.' If you are in a four-guildmate guild dungeon run, multiply by 4 for total gain. In a 9 person guild raid, multiply by 9. I'll include a 'totals' section, in order of most XP per run.

Data needed: All Raids, all Rated BGs, all non-Cata dungeons

Heroic Bosses: 37.2k
Grim Batol, Lost City, Halls of Origination Bosses: 24.8k
Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle Bosses: 18.2k
Blackrock Caverns, Throne of Tides Bosses: 11.4k

Per Instance (full group):

H Halls of Origination: 1,302k
H Deadmines: 1,116k
H Blackrock Caverns: 930k
H Shadowfang Keep: 930k
N Halls of Origination: 868K
H Grim Batol: 744k
H Lost City: 744k
H Stonecore: 744k
H Throne of Tides: 744k
H Vortex Pinnacle: 558k
N Grim Batol: 496k
N Lost City: 496k
N Stonecore: 364k
N Blackrock: 285k
N Vortex Pinnacle: 273k
N Throne of Tides: 228k
When you say you were getting 255k-364k was that normal or heroic? Im also part of a very small guild, and in the past few days we been getting 50-60% done each day, down from 100% for the first few days. We have a few 85's atm, but not enough for heroics which was why i'm wondering if the xp was normal or heroic. Thank you in advance.
Those were in Normals. A 5 person Guild run of Normal Blackrock gained us 285k. If a guild could do that 22 times per day, they'd cap XP every day doing nothing but grinding Normal Blackrock. Normal Stonecore was worth significantly more XP per boss than Normal Blackrock, and you could cap guild XP in only 18 Normal Stonecores per day.
Just ran Normal Lost City of Tolvir for the first time. Each boss was worth 24,800 Guild XP. The run was worth 496k for a guild party of 5. The run took us fourty minutes, with three wipes (mostly caused by me being a level 83 DPS). 13 runs of Normal Lost City in a day will cap your guild XP.
Really nice info
Changed the focus of this thread, and altered the title to match. Could use some pointers on formatting the data table.
Changed the focus of this thread, and altered the title to match. Could use some pointers on formatting the data table.

The titles on the chart are a bit confusing.

XP/Person and XP/Boss are quite ambiguous.

I think it should be:
XP/Boss (how much xp a boss gives a single person)
5 Man XP/Boss (how much XP a boss gives a 5 man group)
Or some other title, like

Group XP/Boss
Group XP/Run

Also, maybe you want to create a wiki page on Wowpedia for this, and include 4 man xp/boss :P

(Just suggestions but great work so far!)
(Also going to want to list heroic versions!)
Heroics in a guild group yield 24.8k per person per boss. No bonus for final boss or finishing the random heroic daily or anything of that sort, just straight up 24.8k.

Cooking, Fishing, Jewelcraft Dailies all yield 17,350 guild xp each
Tol Barad dailies yield 17,350 guild xp each (all of them, even the group one)
Twilight Highland dailies yield 13,800 guild xp each
Deepholm dailies yield 10,975 guild xp each - except for:
Glop, Son of Glop yields 13,725 guild xp
Ramkehan Daily gave only 8238 guild xp

This is with the Rank 2 Experience increase.

I've been tracking various activities and checking the guild activity screen for myself to see what the values are. So far I've not seen a profession increase affect guild activity at all.

Also - since there is a weekly cap of 1575002 xp per person, you can cap out just doing 25 various dailies in just around 5 days worth (depends on which ones you do, whether or not tol barad is on your side for those extra 6, etc etc) without doing any dungeons. Guild dungeon runs will make it so you can hit that weekly cap faster of course.

Also, guild rep gains appear to be .22% to .24% of the xp contribution. 17350 guild xp tol barad daily yields 38 or 39 guild rep (without the +5% increase from level 4 guild, 40 or 41 rep with 5% increase).

Doing the same stuff will cap both the xp gain per week and the rep gain per week at roughly the same time (since 3500 is roughly .22% of 1,575,002 xp) - so, no need to worry about doing this or that to increase rep vs increase xp, just do the same stuff, and you cap about the same time.
The "Guild Weekly Activity" reflects how much is counted towards rep. I know, for a fact, that you can contribute Guild XP past that point. A "weekly capped" level 85 caused us to gain a guild level when he handed in a quest, and he was the only one other than myself online at the time.

Fast Track, Recruit a Friend, and Heirloom gear have no effect on Guild XP gained. I was able to confirm this when we hit Guild Level 2. Before the level, a 12k quest reward gave 12k guild experience. After the level, a 12,600 quest reward gave 12k guild experience. In fact, your own list confirms it: the Ramkehan daily quest Thieving Little Pluckers gives 32,950 Experience base, which translates to 8237.5 Guild Experience.

At 24.8k per boss per person in a Heroic, you can cap guild XP for the day in 51 bosses. I haven't run Halls of Origination yet, but assuming you get full Guild XP for each of the 7 bosses, you can be done for the day in 8 runs. Possible, but a hard day for a 5 person guild. Doable for a 10 person guild. Easy for anything larger.

Guild Rep is equal to 1/450 of your Guild XP earned. This ratio has held through every boss and quest I've done. I'm happy to here Mr. Popularity effects Guild Rep, but the weekly cap is absurdly easy to hit for anyone above level 80. And again, there is no weekly cap on the Guild XP a toon can earn, only the Guild Activity which measures your reputation gain.
I am digging this thread, so keep up the good work.

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New stuff I've confirmed myself:

Grim Batol and Halls of Origination both offer the same 24.8k per boss per guild member.

Heroics aparently give Guild XP for trash kills. I'll be sorting out just how much you can get when I do some guild heroics (hopefully later today.)
It may be early yet for folks to have this information, but does anyone know how much guild xp is awarded for 10-man vs. 25-man raid bosses? If it's anywhere close to what 5-man heroics give, then a guild could potentially get ~1M xp for a single raid boss.
Although I have no data right now, we will be running heroics tomorrow and Thursday night and I'll try to collect some. Meantime, I'd like to give this cool/useful thread a well deserved "to the top".

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Apologies for not updating. Heroics offer around 37k per boss, nothing for trash. I'll have an exact number today sometime, every time we do heroics I forget to note it down. We'll be doing our first ten mans in the new couple weeks, and I'll post what we get.

At 37k per boss (they are worth slightly more, either 200 or 700), that gives a 5 man group 185k per boss kill. The daily cap is 6,246k. It takes about 34 heroic boss kills (slightly less) to cap guild XP per day. That's 5 Hall of Originations runs, which you can do in 60 to 90 minutes if your group is decent. So, in terms of active players, this makes capping guild XP per day impossible with less than five, fairly hardcore with five, doable but a lot of time with 10, and pretty easy for any guild with 15 or more active members. At 25 active members, you basically need everyone to do their daily heroic in a guild group and you're done.

*edit* Heroic bosses do indeed grant 37.2k per person per kill.
Good to know, appreciate it!
So far, my guild is and will stay a "ten man" friends and family guild. We have more than 10 players at 85, but it's highly unlikely we'll find enough people we know IRL to expand into 25 man raiding.

Right now, we're getting two groups together for Heroics most evenings. We are capping or nearly capping guild experience just about every day. Except Tuesday, as that's steak night and one of our tanks is unavailable. I don't blame him. Free steak? Yes!

We had a number of days, between the quest XP nerf and everyone hitting 85, that we weren't even pushing 20%. This was a big set back and had me worried for a while. Now we're set to hit guild level 7 today, and I expect we'll be able to chug along at about a level a week for the forseeable future, especially as we start raiding.

I'm not super happy that the XP has been adjusted so heavily in favor of dungeons, but I am stoked that Blizzard is delivering on it's promise that small guilds can keep up in leveling with large guilds.

Updated the "Totals" list. Needing 6,246k per day, and HHoO providing 1,302k, you do indeed need 5 runs of HHoO.

Also, there seems to be an error with Guild XP from boss kills. Sometimes I'm getting multiple XP events for the same kill. I'm not sure if this is a display error or if we're really getting up to six kills worth of XP for a single boss. More investigation to follow.

I'd really love it if a PvP guild could chime in on Rated BG values. I will likely have no way to test those myself.
This could be very helpful once completed, it's already helpful for small guilds. I don't know how to "nominate" it for a sticky, but I definitely think it should be one.
Just click the "like" button on the OP. If enough people "like" it, it'll be included in a Community Spotlight.

First 10 mans next week.

There was a rumor that Heroic boss XP was nerfed. I can confirm from testing today that you still receive 37.2k per person per kill, and 24.8k per person per kill in level 85 normals.

First ten man later this week. Rated BGs are almost certainly not going to happen in this guild. Still need someone to track that information. Currently looking for recruits to do guild runs of low-level dungeons and raids (WoTLK, TBC, and Vanilla) to gather information on giuld xp per kill.

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