On a 1-10 scale how bad was holy nerfed?

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How much did they nerf our healing output? meh not much 3 i can make the number's work but-

How much did they nerf the fun? >9000

I loved having plenty of instant casts when i needed them. Now I don't have them when i need them because i need to use my emergency heals on the beacon of light target and in this day and age half the time I'm going to use them on the dps to get that extra heal on the beacon target (the tank). I could blow critical gcd's swapping my Beacon target but if to get my instant heals in a multi target healing scenario I need to spend a third of my gcd's just casting Beacon of Light it's going to feel like wrath (not fun). Spending a lot of my gcd's buffing is not fun. I did enough of that in Wrath (Sacred Shield & old Beacon of Light) it REALLY is not fun. It would be a whole lot better if Beacon diddnt take a gcd. I don't feel rewarded with these fun quick instant's for having the better judgment to use my slow annoying heal to keep the tank alive and not just throwing my mana to the wind.

As for the Light of Dawn nerf. I liked it the way it was before because you diddn't hit many people with it (HAHA good luck getting everyone to stack or line up so you can aoe heal them) but those it did heal it healed for a pretty signifigant amount. Was it too much? Probably, but the cone is unacceptable for the healing output it generates NOW for the amount of targets it hit's on average AND you won't be getting the 3 hopo LoD as often because of the ToR nerf. (I'll come say more when I've experemented some with the nerfs.)
It was a big difference to me, this in the context of healing heroics. At first I thought it was a bug since the tooltip wasn't changed. I got used to working without it and now I'm a lot less mana efficient. I felt like it was already challenging enough trying to heal through all the crazy group damage that heroics dish out. BUUTT it's still playable and I'm still keeping my groups alive.

The nerf hit my mobility (less insta-heal spammability) and my mana efficiency. 1-10 rating: ~6

I wish the nerf was more about numbers than playstyle.

My (still-standing) opinion of Cataclysm: FFFUUUU#%^&$*%@G AMMAAZIINNG

I still love Blizzard and I still love Cataclysm. Keep bringing us the awesomeness.
Ok I just did a few pretty hard heroics. Here is the typical fight.

Holy shock 3 times, pull, start healing, use holy power when needed, daybreak will most likely proc, hs x2, flash heal, 3 holy powers, use them.

Daybreak procs all the time, and you'll probably get the other holy power from something else in the process. We have guardian of kings and divine favor and avenging wrath AND holy radiance AND lay on hands for clutch healing. I mean come on aren't we getting a little greedy. I have 3 holy powers up almost all the time. Healing is fun now. You really have to think. I honestly hope we don't get to the point gearwise where all we have to do is spam fol and dl.
This one goes to 11!
Funny thing is that I didn't even notice they made that nerf. While playing I just kept healing the way I used to in Heroics and did just fine.. considering I didn't even know my class had changed in the first place.
I would say that the nerf is prolly about a 4. However, I am not complaining because we were WAY OP pre-nerf, but i think they could have just made LoD not xfer heals to the tank and we woulda been more in line with other healer classes. IMO, if they dont want us to heal groups crazy efficiently, they should buff up WoG again slightly. Doesnt have to be our free DL, but non crits for just over 10k arent very useful, unless you get the free off the proc. I think if healers would stop running with pugs as much as possible and go with dps you trust to not stand in fire and CC stuff properly, healing get soooo much easier. nothing quite like a rogue sappin some dude and then your warlock doing his aoe of choice to break it. Basically, we got hit pretty hard, but some of it was definitely due. Should not be able to heal through 2 pulls at one time in H Grim Batol as we could before.

tip: if your a BE (poor alliance), using arcane torrent on CD for the mana is a life-saver. pop it close to the start of a boss when you can use the full effect, and then you should be able to use it at least once if not twice more.
12/15/2010 3:12 PMPosted by Palastorm

Clearly there is no love for our class and seriously whats the point the Devs hate us.


Please tell me you shelved your Paladin and don't plan on leveling it.
A 2, I still seem to find plenty of HP through Daybreak and the 35% chance of WoG not using its points. I still finish heroic bosses with 45-50%+ mana, if not more.
a 3. They brought us in line with other classes. Healing in Cata takes MANA and EFFORT. Before patch we were blatantly OP, because not only did we have amazing mana efficiency, but we could easily DPS during downtime. Now we only have one of those things, and you know what? I'm all right with that, because I'm more than willing to play a balanced class that takes skill to play, but has a lot of options, than an single-heal borefest where we can essentially macro our heals to the scrollwheel and fall asleep during dungeons.
what'd they nerf? i havnt really noticed anything new.. but i do outgear heroics now...

edit: just read the nerf, reason i never noticed was because i hardly every use Holy Light.
nerf doesnt effect us at all we're still retarded healers, i finish most heroic boss fights with 70%+ mana now, 349 GS.

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