Suggestion for holy light.

Rename divine light holy light, remove what holy light is currently from the game. It currently has no use as using it as an efficient heal is another way of saying "you won't lose as much mana, yet the tanks hp will continue to go down instead of up, you also get no holy power".

It's misleading and would make me feel better if the concept of an efficient heal wasn't dangled in my face.

"We want holy light to be your go to heal" was something that a blue poster had said a while back. Sorry to say that flash of light is very much my go to heal now unless I want dead tanks.

I remember seeing the quote you listed about holy light being the go to heal. This is honestly the first nerf ive experienced where i actually am upset on how it effects my playstyle. Ive already been through 2 heroics since and im doing fine but it just doesnt feel right. How they had it prior was quite comfortable and in my eyes was perfect. Wish they would of just downed the healing amounts or something, not change the mechanic.

For shame blizzard... For shame....
Yeah I should've mentioned. I've healed through heroics and completed them. It's just that I find holy light has become absolutely useless now.

I think blizzard was too rushed to nerf pallies because priests are the mondo QQ'ers atm, most likely aiming it right at pallies.
I have a feeling that we will be put to a middle ground between now and before this nerf. Healer balance always seems to be nerf pallies when they are too strong, and buff every other healer when they are too weak. It's never nerf other healers when they are too strong, buff pallies when they are too weak etc. Although I feel sorry for what happened to druids right before cata came out. They will be top healer by far in the second half of cata anyways so they just have to be patient.
I agree. The only reason I holy light is to build HP. Now that it's gone, I don't see how I'll manage the tougher heroics without going oom.

Yea blizzard, nerf the crap out of holy pallys right when season 9 starts. Its all a conspiracy.

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