Adapting: Rethinking Holy stats/style.

Well considering holy light is what I consider to be an auto pilot (not doing much else) heal, and that almost every other heal is roughly three times as strong, I'd say that might just be a moot point. I would love for someone to get back to me on this stat priority thing. lol
I reforged to SPI and Crit. I feel like HL and DL are slower, but I'm mixing HS and FoL to keep holy power up, and am typically charging them pre-pull. I'm judging every time it's up, and using Arcane Torrent, Divine Plea, and Guardian where applicable. No issues in normal mode 85 dungeons. Should be trying out some heroics tonight as my tank just got his gear ready, so we'll see.

Going forward, I'll be gemming / enchanting for SPI > INT > Crit > Haste > Mastery where applicable until I feel more comfortable. Healing is a lot more busy now and I feel there is some punishment involved when making a wrong decision. Still using LoD like I did before and I typically use that to keep DPS between 80-100%. I rarely put direct heals on DPS unless they do something really stupid and I can afford to.

All in all, aside from the new spells, it doesn't feel all that different to me than stepping into Karazhan the first time and stacking every piece of crit / MP5 I could get my hands on. Similarly, I remember feeling the same the first time I did Heroic ToC in subpar gear.

Once everyone really figures out how to stat for their play style, gets a few more pieces of gear, and learns when to anticipate spike damage in the fights. I think we'll be OK.

I'm more concerned with mana in PvP to be honest.

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