For prot, war or pally?

im going to be making an alt to lvl and im going to be rolling a tank
i was wondering what tank is easier to play with thats not to complicated?
and overall whats the better tank out of the 2?

at least, pally tanks will level easier.
i personally enjoyed my warrior tanking really come down to what you wnat, mana or rage :D
I actually find the new pally rotations (or priorities) a pain with HP. I prefer to tank on my warrior TBH. I like having tons of tools, and if I think I'm out of tools, I just have to look at another bar worth of tools to tank with.

But, I still tank more with my pally. But, if you look at my spec's now, I'm Ret and Holy for a change. The advantage of pally IMO is that of a three role hybrid. I can DPS (well, I can't, I suck at DPS no matter what class), Heal or Tank. All on the same character. If I get bored, I can tried another spec and change things up again. Plus, I love being able to self heal large amounts.

With a warrior, you are doing either tanking or DPS.
Actually the way it looks now (I have, or had both at 80) Pallys are able to put out more pressure and dps, warriors have more tools and much better mobility. It may just be me but prot wars damage is pretty low now since 4.0. Prot specs in general have low sustained, but a prot pally can set up some decent burst and has decent tools as well.

Thats more geared towards pvp. pve, they are both good. They made pally rotations and management a little more in depth, though neither is hard to tank. I really think it comes down to do you want more mobility, or more damage. And which resource system you feel more comfortable with.

just my 2c.

Edit* Also one major thing that really helps out. WoG heals and Guarded by the light...synergzes so well and one of the best things about a prot pally. pvp or pve.
hows the learning curve for pallys?
for a starting tank should i be a pally?
If you like the idea of feeling absolutely invincible no matter where you are or what you are doing, then roll pally. I find that it is one of the easiest classes to manage by far once you learn what you are doing (which shouldn't take long just check out Elitist Jerks.) As a Tank you also have the ability to put out impressive amounts of dps which imo should and might be nerfed soon.

The warrior however imo is a much more aesthetically fun tank as most of the non-tier will be plate pieces more suited to your class' visual motif. They also have LOTS of neat little tricks. If you truly love tanking, I would roll warr.
Posted by Zig
hows the learning curve for pallys?

for a starting tank should i be a pally?

Actually tanking on anything is easier to pick up now, I also had an 80 dk I tanked with.

The learning curve for a pally is probably a little higher then what it was due to the holy power mechanic, but its still relatively easy to pick up. The thing to keep in mind is, tanking on anything is the same, hold threat, follow rotation/priority for max threat, mitigate damage. The methods all differ.

Warriors used to be the most difficult to tank with, but right now there all pretty similar imo.

The questions I think you should ask yourself to decide IMO should be:

Do I want to deal all physical damage, or have some magic damage?

Do I want to be able to heal as a defensive mechanic (wog)?

Will I ever want to primarily heal spec?

Do I want to manage holy power and mana or rage?

<blockquote data-quote="15363462052"><div>Posted by Zig</div>hows the learning curve for pallys?

for a starting tank should i be a pally?</blockquote>

I'm new to tanking. Just started 2 days ago. I was nervous and thought it would be hard, but boy was I wrong! It's not hard at all to learn taking on pally. I was holding aggro like a champ straight out of the gate.

Granted I'm only level 20 and everything at this level is pretty easy, but I have found Pally to be a very good class to learn tanking on.

My plan is to learn tanking as a Pally and then move on to warrior/druid.

I say give Pally a shot. You'll never know until you try.
thanks :)
u guys have been good with the help ty all
1 more thing
i have 4 heirlooms trinks the 2 haste ones and the 2 int ones
should i use the int trinks for tanking? woud that be right?
Intellect is not important for pally tanks at all. You get your SP from Strength.
12/15/2010 9:02 AMPosted by Terthand
Intellect is not important for pally tanks at all. You get your SP from Strength.

What he said. Also, I'm tanking in all quest greens and dungeon drops. No heirlooms, and I'm doing just fine.

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