Holy - Raiding is just fine, no mana problems

Actually, I find myself blowing WoG on 2 hp than three. The third hp takes as long to generate as the first two combined, in my experience. I try to get to 3 hp, but if it requires me to use an unecessary DL or godforbid FoL, I'd just throw 2 hp WoG.

At least the way I heal, holy paladins have to be quick on everything. I utilize mouseover macros (can't STAND healbot!) to speed things up. I can target the boss to keep an eye on what abilties he's doing while healing at the same time.
Noticed that your gear and stats are very similiar to mine, wondering if you topped the healing meters? And if so, what spell did the most healing.

Havent step foot in a raid yet (guild waitin for more 85s) and wanna get a feel for it.

I normally tie or am right behind our resto druid (who's in inferior gear QQ). I can pull off about 12,000-14,000 hps when raid healing.
Top heals in order, or so,
Beacon of Light
Word of Glory
Divine Light
Holy Light
All the other heals beside Flash of Light
Flash of Light (MAYBE 1% of the healing... MAYBE)

Still don't know enough people to raid yet, but my experience in heroics has been relatively similar. I might take my point out of imp judgment and put it in Blessed Life when I get a raiding group going, though I get the funny feeling some of those procs aren't intended.

Good to see they didn't break us.
Seconded for what Jondoe is saying about raid healing. I'm still having a few mana issues but for the most part it's not very bad and I think the gear difference between me and him is one of the possible reasons.

We've downed Halfus, Magmaw and Omnotron so far and while the mana was at some points tight I know I was having no where near as much trouble as the two resto druids I was healing with. The one thing I really wanted to add to this thread was the fact that the mechanics of each fight is insanely unforgiving and at current gear level you have to have a near perfect fight to get them down. On a lot of our wipes I noticed I would be going oom from the amount of raid damage going out because of several missed interrupts or people spawning more adds in Magmaw but on the attempts we did get them down mana was practically a non-issue because people were doing things right and not taking near as much damage.
Actually looking over your logs compared to mine it's possible my healing rotation might be giving me mana trouble too. In order of healing output:

Divine light - 39%
Beacon - 18%
Holy radiance - 14%

I know it's the holy radiance that's killing me but that was taken from my logs during the Magmaw fight so I was popping it each pillar of flame to get out faster and to throw out a bit of raid heals to help the druids out, keep in mind too there's multiple rest/mana regen periods on that one. I was more so pointing out that I was using divine light a lot more apparently.
Jondoe, I also noticed that you don't have any points in the talents that increase the range of Judgment. Do you use Judgment on CD to help with mana regen? If so, I guess that means you stay relatively close to the tank? I ran my first heroic last night (Halls of Origination), and although my gear is the bare minimum, I was noticing that as long as people were CC'ing correctly and staying out of avoidable AoE, healing wasn't that bad.

I know that you listed a bunch of raid fights where Blessed Life would proc, but do you also think it's a useful talent for running Heroics?

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