Protection Paladin PvP

Haven't seen a thread about it - so I made one.
Anyone tried it out yet @ 85? What are your thoughts?

..I on the other hand am still trying to get my guy to 85. Sitting at 70. Absolutely love wrecking faces in BGs. Can't wait to get into Arenas.

Also - any strategies against certain classes, or situations?

Spec I am planning to use:
Sweet! What are you going to gem for in the later tiers of gear?
I was told to go resilience all the way, but I'm thinking about matching sockets with str/resil/stam
I'll fish up Taugrimm's thread in a bit. Strength is king, followed by resilience. Prot tree is fine, but EfaE doesn't do much compared to having a shorter CD on HoP and longer HoF (which is our only snarebreaker at the moment >.>).

I think there's a lot of great potential, but like the WotLK Protribution build, it'll be heavily gear dependent.
To bump and ask question. Crusader Strike vs Hammer of Righteousness in PVP.?'

I am now using Hammer of Righteousness and glyphed for it am I gimping my self by not using crusader strike? Seems better for tanking several.
If you have a proper slow, tanking weapon, CS is the way to go... Otherwise, the unresistable holy damage from HoR will be better in most circumstances. Experiment and find out what works best in each situation.

Taugrim's Guide

Best way to figure out what works is to experiment yourself.

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