which blessing is best for tanking and which best for dps
Blessing of Kings gives you Stamina, which is your survival stat, Strength, which is your threat stat, and Agility, which is a minor threat stat. Kings for tanking.

For DPS, Blessing of Might is generally going to be more effective. You'll almost always gain more from a 10% increase to your attack power, than a 5% increase to the remainder of your stats.

Note, however, that these can be somewhat situational. If there's a level 30+ druid in your party, then he/she should be casting Gift of the Wild, and you should be casting Blessing of Might, since Gift of the Wild and Blessing of Kings do the same thing and do not stack. Conversely, if you have a level 39+ Marksmanship hunter who specced into Trueshot Aura, or a Blood Death Knight (tank) with Abomination's Might, then Blessing of Might will not stack, and you should cast Blessing of Kings.

Of course, if you have a druid casting Gift of the Wild, and either Trueshot Aura or Abomination's Might, then you should cast Blessing of Might, in order to benefit the casters and healers in your group with the extra regeneration it provides.

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