Inquisition and inquiry of faith

In the tool tip it states that inquiry of faith at 3/3 increases the duration of inquisition by 150%. However when i use inquisition at 3 holy power i get the buff for 30 seconds, which is not a 150% increase. Is this intended? perhaps a tool tip error? Any insight would be appreciated.
Tooltip updates with the talent.
so its not an error? so inquisition should be lasting for longer than 30 seconds with 3/3 inquiry of faith?
Am i just bad at math or isent +150% on 12sec 30 secs lol

let me try and break this down

50% of 12 would be 6

100% would be 12

12+12+6=30 Viola

btw im getting the number 12 since it states 4sec per charge of holy power so i 3 hp it would be 12 seconds
Inquisition has been base 4 seconds per Holy Power for months.
Alternatively, though it in the end makes no difference:

4 (base duration of Inquisition with 1 Holy Power) * 2.5 (the decimal equivalent of adding 150%) = 10.

10 * 3 (maximum Holy Power) = 30 (duration of Inquisition in seconds for Ret with 3/3 Inquiry of Faith.)

Mathematics - it's all about rewriting the problem.
I always hated math class
12/16/2010 9:39 AMPosted by Denial
I always hated math class

Sounds like you had a bad experience, but you most certainly learned it.

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