New tank looking for community criticism

Hello, I have always been dps. So this is all very new to me. I have read many posts here and on elitist jerks to put together what I have now. I kind of need a last opinion from the pally community on my spec, talents, glyphs, etc. Specifically is my expertise and hit ok? What about my parry and dodge. Do i need to change reforged items? I do not have enchants yet as I am working on rep and gathering gear for my mage to de and use for enchants. Harsh or not, please explain any thoughts you have on my toon. Try to be a bit merciful.

Edited: This guy is not ready for heroics. Need a few more higher level pieces.
Your glyphs are fine.

I would take Divine Guardian over Hallowed Ground. Overall I've found it way more useful, and can help save the healer some mana.

If your hit capped you could probably reforge a few more pieces of gear to mastery. Like your head (haste) or neck (crit).
you're hit capped and expertise soft capped(assuming glyph of SoT).

that's good.

reforge away from haste as much as possible, it's junk
also note strength isn't that good of a stat for prot.

stam, mastery, parry and dodge are the best stats defensively

and before you start heroics, chain tank normal dungeons until you're confident tanking. The insta que is to be abused

Ok, one more question. Is it ok to just use HotR spamming instead of CS or do you use both in groups.
HotR if there are two or more targets, it just makes holding targets easier

CS for single targets, it scales much better with vengeance, important when that arc mage spams arcane blast.

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