Be honest with yourselves

Seriously, gaining holy power by spamming holy light on the tank was way too mana efficient. No other healing class can compete with that. With all the changes done to holy paladins yet we still are the best healing class for mana management.

If you're complaining about going OOM then GOOD. Then the Developers have done their job! Heriocs are SUPPOSE to be tough and your SUPPOSE to struggle with mana. This isn't Wrath anymore where you can blindly heal anything you want and get away with it. And if you don't like then stop being a healer.

I'm tired of everybody complaining that holy paladins suck or they're broken when they aren't. Your QQing about the changes to healing and the fact the holy spec actually requires you TO THINK NOW!
Most paladins already know this and the complaints are actually not that numerous. This is just as bad as those Dear DPS threads that people need to stop posting.

Whatever QQ there is about holy has been compiled in one active thread, one that I avoid like the plague.
I've actually had very enjoyable experiences healing with holy paladin. When I saw all the posts crying about the Hotfix of Wailing Doom I thought it was going to be something actually bad.

I honestly would not have noticed any difference if I hadn't read about it first.

The biggest complaint I have is that they haven't edited the tooltip on the talent to reflect the change, and that's more of a syntax complaint then anything game-mechanic wise.
I don't play holy much, but haven't paladins always been mana efficient healers? In Wrath wasn't flash of light the best mana efficient heal in the game?
Cannot change the tooltips without patching. They'll be fixed next patch.
I dont think holy paladins are broken at all. However, i do think that them changed tower of radiance to not include holy light was a bad idea. If anything, they should have given it an internal cooldown. Not taken it out completely.
PS - Crusader strike is the new holy light
Holy Light doesn't even seem to have the power to seriously heal at 78, so I'm sure it really falls behind by 85, with those huge health pools. Seems like you would be using Divine Light mostly at 85 anyway (as opposed to Holy Light) just to get a decent sized heal off...
Stop trying to defend the complainers. Good paladin healers have adapted. Bad paladin healers spend all their time crying on the forums and sitting in Org/SW until "they're fixed" rather than relearning their class.

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