Avenger's shield usage+grand crusader

Alright, first forum post ever... might be other threads dealing with same topic but ctrl+F didn't find any

So if i read right, the current prot priority system goes like

Sotr>CS/hammer>J>AS>HW>cons (might be missing something)

AS is our class defining skill, and people say it's supposed to be used like of the old hammer, i.e. picking up adds and damaging multiple targets, as well as silencing casters.

The problem i have is that i personally need to use AS to hold threat to more than 2 targets (either because i suck at tab-targeting or hammer isn't enough), and if i use it for threat, it's not available to silence the next cast of say... [link=http://www.wowhead.com/spell=41078/shadow-blast]Shadow Blast[/link].

Grand crusader makes AS available more often, but dogma states it should be uses ASAP in order to not wast another proc, and thus AS is on CD 80-90% of the time and is not available for interrupting purposes.

So the question i am asking is how to determine the correct mix of using AS to gain threat and interrupt. Advice would be appreciated

What would be interesting is if Blizzard changed Grand Crusader to behave like Daybreak, causing the next AS to not eat a CD/only cause a short one instead of reseting CD.

edit:: trying to get my stupid stupid link to work, wtb help on that, works on other forums :(
that's the right priorities for a single target fight (boss fight)

most guides focus on boss fights since that's where progression occurs.

for trash I find it more than worth while to prioritize it higher

that's the right priorities for a single target fight (boss fight)

Consecrate is prioritized above HW if I'm not mistaken.


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