Paladins becoming Warrior Priests 2.0 ?

I'm not sure what their idea was with the holy power at first but It seemed like a suggested change to kill the bore that was WoTLK healing as a paladin and at first I was fairly uneasy of how this path would end up.

I played Warrior Priest during Warhammer Onlines boom when It came out and It was all great fun until you hit level capped and wanted to actually focus on being a healer healer. Sure I know "We're a hybrid" but that's no excuse for Blizzard to force us to use outrageous abilities to gain the ability to heal.

I started a Paladin because I wanted to be the healer who uses plate, not the one who has to run in and swing my weapon to heal like the rest of them.

Blizzard don't destroy my favourite class.

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