Now you know what its like

Now you know what its like
Now I know what its like
Now he knows what its like
Now they know what its like
Now they almost know what it's like.
Ohai guys I hear paladins are having a fun time?

Thing is, this isn't going to be the end of the nerfs. Historically, there's gotta be at least one more thing to put pallies where they will stay for the rest of the expansion. Remove the speed from Holy radiance and make it cost 3x more mana, as well as making their cd's last 3 second less should do it.
Pally time line in pvp.
Pallies > rest of the healers for a short while at the start of expansion.
Pallies become mediocre for the next 80% of the expansion.
I thought this was about how they know what it's like now??

Who said anything about a nerf?
Oh right, I misunderstood.

Now who knows what whats like?

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