3/3 Tower of Radiance issue.

3/3 Tower of Radiance is not working at all. no amount of direct heals from FoL, DL, HL, on BoL renders a single charge of Holy Power... anyone else having this prob? just asked some fellow holy paladins and they're having the same issue.
it's not a problem. it's working as intended. it was an undocumented change in the hotfix today. blue post confirms this in the healing forums. can't miss the thread, 34 pages in responses.

The proposed change as I heard was only supposed to cut Holy Light, not the other two as well.

Could be wrong though.
youre not wrong, but it does mess up out healing
I noticed this when I was healing instances and was wondering what was going on, also it seems my LOD is only healing for about 2 charges of holy power even when there were 3, is it a bug or another undocumented change ???
It was *too* efficient. Haven't Pallies always been the most mana efficient healer? Why was it a surprise that we were finishing raid fights with more mana that other healers?
The OP also says that Flash of Light and Divine Light are also not granting him Holy Power... that is not intended. It was only supposed to affect Holy Light, although I haven't read about anyone having the OP's problem.
I do think it is bugged for some people. I was running Grim Batol when I found out about the change. However in that run mine was not working at all either. The only holy power I was getting was from holy shocks. Flash of Light and Divine Light weren't granting them either. After I got done and relogged though, they did and Holy Light did not.
This is absolute BS. Hl already hits like a limp noodle and now it doesn't proc a charge?? Really blizz?? it also seems like the LOD hits arent all proccing the heal on my beacon target. HL was supposed to be our main/go to/spam heal. flash/DL for oh #!#!t moments while keeping judgement/HS off cooldown. It was HARD healing WITH HL working as intended in ivl 340ish gear! Heroics were still HARD. Pally mechanics were FINE a few days ago--now this BS! This really pisses me off. nerf after nerf after nerf. Where is the logic? show me some logic/blue post Blizz!
Wait wait wait. The OP is saying that FoL and DL aren't proccing holly power charges either, right?

So essentially the hotfix made the Tower of Radiance talent just "put 3 talent points here to unlock Light of Dawn".


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