My paladin.

Haven't played my pally since wrath launch, want to bring him to 85.

How are pallys right now in pvp and pve?

Should I level ret? Prot?

I'm looking for alot of info, rotation, spec, glyphs, etc.

Been away from my pally for a while.

Thanks a lot.

P.S haven't played at all since 4.01.
Ret has ungodly amounts of RNG. No real rotation beyond what the surface can tell you as you spec.

Prot is as fun as a wanker.
Not the best time to play paladin. It won't be wise to predict what will happen and when. Paladins are pretty much screwed one day then OP then screwed again. Is like their rotations CS, filler, CS, filler.
Today might be a crusader strike day (reliable building holy power) or a filler day (shiny but unreliable)
Too much RNG, ramp up time, too many changes
And the changes keep coming
I really think someone up in Blizzard hated paladins, or loved them too much. Paladins were OP? Maybe but they were fun, not as fun as a warrior but still fun. They are annoying now, stressful and when you are thinking you have adapted and doing alright, they change something else

glyph and spec to buff Exorcism and Holy Shock.

stat priority from greatest to least:

Intellect - its got it all
Spirit - mana regeneration and Hit rating
Haste - spam exorcism faster!!
Crit - to go BOOM!

stam is a given and is obviously needed for pvp.

its easy as hell. concentration aura, blessing of kings, and just go to town. (caution, i started after level 45, so thats the soonest i can recommend trying this spec)

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