Prot Paladin build for leveling?

So, I'm cooking a Paladin, and I was wondering what sort of builds work well for leveling. (He's lvl 6 or 7 right now.) I'm leaning towards a Prot build right now, given the odd dicey nature that the Retribution paladins seem to have right now.

So what sot of talents should I go for, and how should I expect the character to handle?

Harry Voyager
I've found that leveling as a protection paladin is easier than leveling as a retribution paladin because of Avenger's Shield and Wrath of the Lightbringer. You can pull mobs with Avenger's Shield (or even start with exorcism), cast Judgement, then hit the mob with Crusader Strike once he gets close. That will often leave the mob with little health. You can wait for your auto attacks to finish the mob or you can hit the Holy Wrath button to dot the i.

The improved survivability is also a huge plus. You get to go one on one with more bosses and instance mobs. You also get more out of your healing spells as you can actually last long enough to cast them most of the time.

The only thing I miss about retribution is the increased range of judgement.

Anyhow, if you want you can refer to my talent tree (but not how I equip, as of now, I put on equipment gear that look good but not necessarily give me the stats I want) but avoid that point in Hallowed Ground. You'd want to get Shield of the Righteous ASAP.
My spec. But take the points out of improved HoJ if you're not gonna PvP a lot.
Once you get high enough, and you're 1v1 or 1v2 mobs you'll want to get SoTR out on them as much as possible, as you won't be taking too much damage.

If you pull say, 8, just spam word of glory whenever your other abilities are on CD.

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