Why don't casters hold their weapons?

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[Please look at this video to see the caster's propensity to sheathe weapons]

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time.

As a caster, it seems quite odd that we value our staffs, maces, daggers so much, but they just sit on our backs or in our sheaths. However, if you pull out your staff while casting Hearthstone you won't automatically put them away. So, it's obviously there in the game.

Also, you never see your offhand item as a caster. Ever. Unless you specifically pull it out, then when you cast it goes away, and your mainhand weapon is just sitting there velcroed to your belt.

Now, imagine you are a Rogue or a Warrior and you had your daggers or axe across your back, and you were forced to punch to do damage.

Supposedly, the largest addition to our spell power is also based on our weapons, so it would seem kind of logical that we would use them with our casting animations. Also, in any kind of lore or history I can think of, wizards, shamans, druids, witches always use staffs as a focal point of spell-casting.

Blizzard, do you think you could make an (optional) animation involving our staffs? It seems so weird to have it just sitting there.

Any feedback to keep this thread alive would be appreciated.

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I agree. Not sure how we use the magical energy in the dagger if it just lays at our sides.
I would like some feedback on this. :)
I'd just prefer to see the spell exit from the weapon instead of my hands. Although I'm not against a special casting animation using our weapons.
I agree that would be a really simple idea also, with basically the same effect.
Remember in D2, when you selected a sorceress on the character creation screen? And she charged lightning from her staff to her hand? Replicate that and I will be thrilled.

Realistically, involving daggers or staves in casting can be a bit simpler than that. I do like the hand movements involved in casting so somehow tying that to our weapons would be great - perhaps the player can tweak how it goes about (Casting studio before dance studio please).

Yeah, anything except having it sit there... It seems pointless. Why do I have a staff at all?
I've wanted this for a long time. It'd be great to put it in some kind of barbershop-esque customisation studio.
If I had to design the studio, it would include all the casting animations of all the races (clearly labeled of course). I'm all for variety. Because I enjoy casting the most (as opposed to melee), I'd love to have the ability to, say, have an undead healing animation on this character at times. Or perhaps the female human one for other times. Or just mix it up whenever.

I doubt it'd be easy to make though.
Have you seen my staff? It's MANLY!!

As a gnome, i look like I'm hauling around a mailbox post that someone painted with uv glow paint. No way do i want to hurl that thing around to cast a spell! I'd fall over dead from it crushing me. >.<
Would be pretty cool seeing mages send shards of ice from their weapons, etc etc.
Hmmm this is not the thread I thought it was going to be when I read the title... oh well..
Never considered this before, but I think it's a great idea.
mind flay might look odd coming from a staff but it would be worth a try.
Ehh, animating...

I have been thinking this since classic. They seem to have no interest in doing it.
12/14/2010 11:46 PMPosted by Filine
mind flay might look odd coming from a staff but it would be worth a try.

it might look odd, but I suppose that would be where the optional animation would come into play.

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