Ret, Not a qq thread.. i hope :S

Trying not to make yet another QQ ret sucks thread, but instead, a thread on what could change to make ret a little more steady allround.

I like the idea of keeping up a buff (Inquisition) which requires more skill then mashing 4 buttons over and over. However, what would be nice, is for zealotry, Inquisition and Wing not to be dispellable, Wings is the one cooldown that actually gives us some burst, however, Inquisition from what i can see, puts us on par with the rest of the raiders, We seem to be about 30% behind the other classes on dmg, and allowing shamans, prot wars, mages, priests and hunters to dispell this buff is an insult. By having it up allows us to dps as any normal class would.

The other thing i would hope blizz would do, is change mastery to increase either seal dmg by % or TV/CS dmg %. Giving us the only RNG based mastery makes our rotation random and unsteady dps.

We know cata was rushed, because you guys must be pretty low on cash n all, But would be nice to actually have a dps spec to play as a paladin.


p.s I'm a horrible speller and i know it, so sup grammar police.
You must be talking PvP, because I've seen no problem in PvE. Yes us doing a constant less damage than most classes is a pain, but with the cooldowns we have, along with some of the trinkets available to us is a huge bonus. With my trinkets and cd's popped i've managed to severely out dps an arcane mage, which i find to be hard seeing as how arcane mages are one button dps machines. I like to think of it this way, people cant complain that dps pallys are super easy to play anymore seeing as how we only do damage keeping on par with others when we have inq up.
Mostly pvp, dont usually get dispelled in pve. However, i would like the mastery change to benifit pve, Not to happy with the rng based rotation.

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