Big List of Horde RPers

Wyrmrest Accord
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Full name: Genovese
Nick-name: Da Gobfather
Prefix*: Mistah
Title**: Capofamiglia of Da Gob Mob
Race: Goblin
Age***: 28
Position in society†: Businessman, See? Roots in da community
Face/Heel†*: Heel
Physical Description (abridged): Often smiling, puffing on a cigar wearing his Arrmon-y Suit, his sunglasses shading his eyes from view, the strap helping to manage his slicked back hair. Not a Boss who sits back to make others do the work for him, his frame is lean and wiry.

Guild: Da Gob Mob
City of choice: Orgrimmar for now, but da Mob is spreading
IC-Strengths: Has goons, thinks quickly on his feet.
IC-Weaknesses: height challenged like most of his race
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Doesn't PvP often, is on for fun
Weekly on-line schedule: after 3PM PST during the week
Full name: Ezidran Ravenloth
Nick-name: "Dumb old punk"
Prefix*: 'Sir', a knight honorific.
Title**: Ebon Blade Champion
Race: Undead blood elf.
Age***: Estimated at 250 to 350 years old. Equivalent to a middle-aged blood elf, head to his early fifties.
Position in society†: Commoner
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Ezidran appears to be a middle-aged blood elf with long, coarse, unkempt black hair falling below his shoulders. His skin is pattered with scars and bodily hair on his arms, chest and legs, quite pale dusky in color. (Yes, hairy man he is.)

Like all other death knights, his eyes illuminate with icy blue glow, set with a pair of thick, ebony eyebrows. His right ear is torn off and worn from years of battles, with a simple, gold earring pierced on it. His other ear is fine, however, with small chips off. His hands display a set of grotesque in-grown nails, some chipped off painfully, but two beautiful gem rings rest on his wedding finger.

He is often seen with a smug smirk. Quite tall, bulky muscular in stature.

Personality: Enthusiastic, very idealistic, jovial, friendly, laid-back and extremely affectionate to the people he cares dearly for. However, cold and abrasive to those he show disapproval of and can be bloodthirsty and violent.
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Blood line: His ancestors were formerly night elves who were Druids of the Talon, until they were accepted into the Highborne bloodline. As generations go by, they have become a bloodline of hunters and rogues in the Sin'dorei society. Ever since the Ravenloth became blood elves, they remain as commoners. There are rumors claim that the Highborne members of the Ravenloth family still exist among the Shen'drelar.

Role-playing weight class: Med-heavy RP
Role-playing status†**: In-character 80% of the time

Guild: Merry Band of Misfits
City of choice: Acherus, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, Undercity
IC-Strengths: Chivalrous, strong, humorous, friendly and helpful. Will go through great lengths to help people.
IC-Weaknesses: Low self-esteem, poor control over his violent tendencies, pervy, absent-minded, easily tricked.
OOC-Strengths: I like to say I am good at coming up with ideas to get people involved in RPs, especially RP plots, even something as simple as coming up IC reasons to meet someone. I also love walk-up RPs and comedy-like RPs.
OOC-Weaknesses: I'm a bit dull-brained these days, having inspiration issues on keeping RPs going due to my real life problems. So if someone wants to RP with me, there has to be a 'spark' that can keep me inspired and interested to come up with refreshing RP. I
Leveling speed: Super fast.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not really, moderately.
Weekly on-line schedule: Week days - afternoon. Weekends - Evenings.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

I'm Evanlysis, I also play other characters besides Ezidran - My undead Zaifar, my troll Yishaq, my upcoming warrior Arjhan, my goblin Sinqlair and my alliance toons are Devontine and Kirkman. I draw WoW comics a lot on deviantart and I tend to draw inspiration from RPs. I love random RPs, walk-up RPs and epic plot RPs. I have no prejudice against any form of RP chars as long as they are not mary sues, lore-benders or son of Arthas/Jaina. If you're a good roleplayer with interesting, creative concepts, I will be most delighted to RP with you!
Full name: Kaldanis Stormseer
Nick-name: none
Prefix: none
Title: Sunwalker-Errant
Race: Tauren
Age: 52
Position in society: vagabond
Face/Heel: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Kaldanis stands at eight feet and change. He is of grey and black complexion, with striking brown eyes and short, black horns. He stands proudly, and has a firm, yet warm, countenance. He speaks with a deep, booming voice that betrays not a small amount of mirth. His weapons and other gear are kept in pristine condition, save for the numerous ink splotches that dot his clothing and hands.

Personality: Reserved, calm, jovial
Marital Status: single
Sexual Preference: straight
Blood line: son of the Stormseer, a small tribe descended from the larger Skychaser tribe. He is named for a blood elf warrior of his tribe's acquaintance, who performed a great service for the tribe and whose life was saved in turn by the tribe's healers.


Role-playing weight class: Light Heavyweight
Role-playing status: IC

OTHER (optional)
Guild: none
City of choice: Thunder Bluff
IC-Strengths: forthright, honorable, trustworthy
IC-Weaknesses: stubborn, honorable (a double-edged sword), trusting, slightly predictable
OOC-Strengths: I have an overactive imagination, and can easily drop into situations when required. I'm also something of an actor, and have a way with words from time to time.
OOC-Weaknesses: I am super shy around new people, which seems to be a common affliction, and have trouble getting involved with the community.
Leveling speed: Fair, probably not zippy
PvP preference: not at the moment, probably will once leveled


I think the high points are in there somewhere. I'm new to the server, and looking forward to roleplaying with you all!
Full name:
Title: The Wild Woman
Race: Forsaken
Age: She was approaching middle age at the time of her death.
Physical Description (abridged): Chancreuse appears to have freshly stumbled out of a woodland grave- her flesh and hair appear tinged green and yellow with a variety of molds and lichen. Dead leaves, pieces of snapped twigs, and white clusters of insect eggs litter her unkempt hair. Thick patches of spider web appear all over her pieced together gear.

Perhaps a bit too optimistic, suggestive of some type insanity, but generally a pleasant Forsaken to be around (if such qualities are even applicable to undead). For the love of the Shadow, however, don’t mess with the spiders living in her hair.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: She’s had more important things to consider since death.

Role-playing weight class:
Role-playing status: Full time.

Scythe of Sylvanas
City of choice: Undercity
IC-Strengths: Patient and slow to anger. When pushed to her limit, she is quite capable of deadly retaliation. She is a skilled tracker and understands animal psychology, although being undead has complicated her interactions with living species.
IC-Weaknesses: Optimism and patience may mark her as weak to her kin. She has an overprotective “relationship” to the insects that consider her home.
OOC-Strengths: I’m rumored to be a very patient person. I’m not going to freak out if you’re a slow typer or if you don’t immediately respond to what I say. I have perfected the Zen art of willfully ignoring trolls no matter how many train sets, blizzards, portals, or piccolos are used. I’m not afraid of inexperienced roleplayers.
OOC-Weaknesses: I quickly lose interest in a conversation if the other person doesn’t do anything to help keep it running. People who start up roleplay then decide five minutes later they have better things to do are the reason why I drink angel’s tears at breakfast. Having to sit through “tea and biscuits” or any other kind of “house” roleplay makes me want to kick kittens. Sometimes my humor is too subtle or offbeat, and sometimes I’m just too damn clever for my own good.
Leveling speed: Eh, for all intents and purposes, let's call it slow.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Very little. It has more to do with my level of suck than any opposition to it.
Weekly on-line schedule: Evenings EST and odd hours throughout the weekend.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

While I’m a new transfer, I come from another roleplaying server where I invested a lot of time and energy into the community. I don’t think I’m all that great at roleplaying, but I do love it and hope to meet others who share the same enthusiasm (unless you’re an elitist, in which case I’d rather not, thank you).
Full name: Zeratina Frostheart
Nick-name: Zera or Frostheart
Race: Sin’dorei
Age***: Alive for 124, Death Knight for 9
Position in society†: Soldier of the Horde, primarily working with the Forsaken, but also enjoys the company of Orcs.
Face/Heel†*: She is intimidating to people who do not personally know her. Those who do know her respect her as a warrior and someone they can trust.
Physical Description (abridged): Her most striking feature is her pale, icy skin. It makes her stand out in a crowd like a candle in a dark room. Her eyes are a rich blue. She rarely smiles in public, but in the company of people she trusts, she may laugh at a joke or smile. Most of her garb is dark with hints of blue in it. Her motions are sometimes strained and jerky, and careful movements are very slow. This is because most of her body is numb from her chilling death.

Personality: Zeratina is a vengeful spirit. She has been forsaken and left to die by three different factions, all of whom she now wishes to see frozen in silent screams of agony. Because of this, she has steeled her mind to become a powerful warrior when the time comes to exact revenge, but there is also time in her life for some other hobbies, such as herbalism and reading/writing. Zeratina enjoys collecting flowers because they make her feel a connection to the world of the living, which she no longer considers herself part of. It is this belief that has led her to seek sanctuary with the Forsaken of Undercity.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Not looking
Blood line: No one of importance

Role-playing weight class: Light-medium
Role-playing status†**: Depending on the zone, if it suits Zeratina’s story, I quest IC. If not, then OOC. Most other times, I’m IC.

City of choice: Undercity
IC-Strengths: Due to some residual experience as a spell breaker in Kael’thas’s legion, Zeratina has a decent ability to control magic and silence opponents, in addition to the icy talents granted her through death knightship. On a personal level, she is motivated to pursue her goals, and is also highly curious about the world around her, which is one of the reasons she enjoys reading.
IC-Weaknesses: Zeratina is actually quite afraid of the Old Gods, who she knows about from the Scourge’s conflict with Yogg-Saron in Ulduar. She also fears being betrayed yet again by anyone close to her, which is why she is slow to trust people or make friends.
OOC-Strengths: I’m great at writing an in-depth backstory for any of my characters, and I've gotten lots of compliments on my ability to make RP costumes and overall character aesthetics.
OOC-Weaknesses: RPing on-the-fly, while something I love to do, is still a little hard for me.
Leveling speed: Moderate
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Yes, Zeratina seeks vengeance against the Alliance for their racist treatment of her people in the events of WCIII: The Frozen Throne.
Weekly on-line schedule: I can be online whenever, usually for an extended period of time.

I would just like to conclude by adding that I can’t wait to find some great RP on the server, and hello everyone!

Name: Elestan Azrael Shar'Adore

Nickname(s): IC: Shar'Adore, Azrael. OOC: Ele, Stan, RC (My initials)

Prefix: Sir

Race: Sin'Dorei

Age: 104

Physical Description: He carries himself proudly with a strong, muscular build in contrast to his kind's usual lithe and lush builds, but he's just as fast as they are. He has dark auburn hair in the Foxtail hairstyle that matches his bright green eyes that occasionally glow.

Personality: He can be pretty emotional when it comes to personal matters or things that can affect him. (Signs of these when he's angry are that his eyes start glowing as bright as fires and he grits his teeth. When he's happy, he just has a warm smile).

Marital Status: Single (Was engaged, but his fiancee died).

Sexuality: Single (Doi!)

Relatives: All dead ('cept for his sister which I haven't got someone to play as yet).


Role-Playing Weight Class: Medium-Heavy-ish

Role-Playing Status: Depends on if there is some Role-Playing that is available to me. If not, I'm pretty much OOC, doing dailies, dungeons, and trying to level up my professions.


Guild: None (Right now).

Cities of Choice: Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, or Thunder Bluff.

IC Strength(s): Analytical (When he's not emotional)

IC Weaknesse(s): Emotional, and increasingly paranoid

OOC Strength(s): ... What?

OOC Weaknesse(s): Prone to do and say retarded stuff.

Leveling Speed: Pretty good now Cata is out. Example: Level my Tauren Pally alt to 41 in 3 days.

PvP: Tol Barad SUCKS!!!! >:(

Gaming Schedule: Mostly on during weekends,
Full name: Loveluck
Title: Tauren-Friend
Race: Goblin
Age: Early adulthood.
Position in society: average but an eccentric in goblin society, warily accepted by (at least some of) Tauren society.
Physical Description (abridged): Mostly average goblin. Face is plain but usually cheerful. Body is muscular, and hands and feet are calloused. She is often smudged with dirt or such from doing outdoor activities. She most often smells like a mix of battle and plant life.

Personality: Cheery but reserved. Laid-back and seems to take events in stride. Prefers to spend time out in the wilds, living off the land. Like most other goblins she loves profit; unlike most other goblins she doesn't have a greedy bone in her body.
Marital Status: single, not looking.

Role-playing weight class: newbie light-weight
Role-playing status: In character in the wilderness--I'm questing as I level, and welcome folks coming up and having a chat out in the world.
Generally out of character in cities, as I'm probably only there to get banking/auctioning/professions done.

Guild: Lark Traveling Company
IC-Strength: Easy-going.
IC-Weaknesses: Naive and sometimes easily distracted by interesting looking plants.
OOC-Weaknesses: If I think I'm alone in-game I might go afk without warning. My play time often comes with interruptions. I'll always let you know if I need to leave while we're talking, though.
Leveling speed: slow/medium, currently making my way down Kalimdor.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not on this character.
Weekly on-line schedule: Extremely variable.

I'm fairly new at RPing, and would like to try more of it. I'm not the type to approach others, and I'm not the chattiest person, but if you want a goblin to discuss the weather with or to lend you a neutral ear, come find me out in the wilderness and say hello. My available play time is probably too sporadic for any real storyline participation, but unless I note otherwise I'm always available for at least a little chat if I'm on Loveluck.
Full name: Danikah Solstrike
Nick-name: Dani, Dani-girl
Title**: Blood Knight Master
Race: Sin'dorei
Age***: Adult, probably around 225 or so (Around mid-twenties-ish, if human)
Position in society†: Pretty freshly dubbed Blood Knight Master, family name is lesser nobility with almost no sway in society.
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Dani has more striking features, rather than traditionally beautiful. In her day to day, she usually gives the impression of practicality over pretty; she keeps her long, red hair tied back from her face, wears little to no make-up or jewelry and is typically clad either in her Blood Knight armor or in trousers and a blouse. If she is headed out to a social event, however, her sense of fashion shines and she clearly invests considerable time making sure that she is dressed to the nines, and coiffed to match.

When she is on duty in her armor, the observant might note that it was not made for her, as it is too large for her frame. Likewise with the large, two-handed sword she always has with her, clearly balanced for someone taller. However, she moves as if she has had practice with the adjustments necessary and has become accustomed to it. Her only items of note would be her Blood Knight tabard, only because the colors are so bright and new, and the silver flask that she constantly has with her.

Personality: There are only two things Dani takes seriously at the moment; one, her duty as a Blood Knight and her commitment to doing what she can to repair the Blood Knight image through her actions, and two, her role as auxillary personnel with the Farstriders. As a Blood Knight, she views her role in Silvermoon as a peacekeeper and will try as often as possible to resolve conflicts amicably, without resorting to using the limited authority her tabard grants her. Other than those aspects of her life, Dani is an unrepentant party girl who keeps everything else as casual as possible.
Marital Status: Adamantly Single, and bent on enjoying herself
Sexual Preference: Sin'dorei, male or female.
Blood line: The Solstrike family, though wealthy enough, has little to no influence in Silvermoon.

Role-playing weight class: I've been roleplaying for about a decade now, in a variety of settings, from cops 'n robbers when I was a kid, to way back on the Prodigy BBS, to sitting down with dice and paper for White Wolf/D&D/Star Wars/etc, to Wow RP now.
Role-playing status†**: I'm almost always In Character on Dani.

Guild: None at the moment
City of choice: Silvermoon
IC-Strengths: (All of this applies only when Dani is sober.) Dani has a knack for reading people and can generally tell if someone is being truthful or not. She is also pretty good at diffusing situations and she tries not the throw her weight around, as a Blood Knight, if it can be avoided. Stalwart would be a good word for her, as she stands by her friends no matter the odds.
IC-Weaknesses: She's a commitment-phobe and refuses to face her own emotions, preferring to drown them in self-destructive alcohol, sex and debauchery. She much more comfortable being numb, where she doesn't have to think about the people she's lost.
OOC-Strengths: I'm pretty good at characterization.
OOC-Weaknesses: I'm not so great at initial hooks.
Leveling speed: Fast when I put my mind to it.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I don't really PvP on this server unless it's for RP gear.
Weekly on-line schedule: I'm on pretty much every night and all weekend, though Tues/Sundays are usually spent on another server.

I would say Jaddy would be around 74 since it looks like in the 'Life Spans' article on Wowpedia says that Blood Elves/High Elves can live 4 times longer than Human's on average, but some have lived to be over 1,000 years old. Anasterian Sunstrider is an example. He fought in the Troll Wars, which was more than 3,000 years ago.
Full name: A. Enid Cobblesmythe Don't ask what the A. stands for, she won't tell you.

Nick-name: Unless she tells you otherwise, call her Ms. Cobblesmythe. Behind her back? Probably "Prude" or "Busybody."

Prefix*: Ms.


Race: Goblin

Age***: 28-32 (She won't say.)

Position in society†: Scholar and mage in training.

Face/Heel†*: She's been sheltered until now, and is making herself known. She's likely to be a face - mostly because she shoves it into anywhere she deems interesting, despite not being wanted!

Physical Description (abridged): Typical goblin female. Coarse black hair, tends to dress in rather old fashioned and matronly clothes - think full skirts, petticoats, and high necks.

Personality: Obstinate, forceful, UTTERLY convinced she's right no matter the situation, and rather hypocritical. When called on her hypocrisy, she will either be shocked and appalled at "your rudeness" or backtrack like a madwoman.

Marital Status: Unmarried, and sure she is going to remain that way.

Sexual Preference: Choose not to answer that question on the grounds that it is impertinent! (heterosexual)

Blood line: Unknown

Role-playing weight class: pretty fair RP'er. I've been doing it for a decade or so, but only about six months online - and it's a whole different world here. ~looks for her dice~

Role-playing status†**: As soon as she gets out of the starter area? Always available. I don't always quest IC, but I can find a reason to be there most times, and ADORE random encounters.

Guild: none, as yet.

City of choice: She's only ever visited Dalaran so far, but she's found a recent love for the arcane, so she likes it pretty well. She's about to head out to see the world.

IC-Strengths: Forthright and direct, educated. Not a lick of shyness about her.

IC-Weaknesses: Bossy, kinda blind to some obvious situations, criticism is generally turned around on the giver in a manner that suggests she holds herself in too high regard.

OOC-Strengths: I try not to take too long to post a reply, I'm generally good about giving chances to react to a situation (but if I forget I'm totally fine with a do-over.) And I'm a happy friendly person OOC.

OOC-Weaknesses: I like to chatter outside of RP. If It's going to be someone who is involved in storyline, I prefer to get to know them OOC - helps give me a feel for the person and what sort of things we can go for with the RP. I'm not so great with the lore, which is why I tend to come up with character backgrounds that mask it.

Leveling speed: abysmal. My main, and first toon has been going for over six months now...and is only a level 71. If I have to heal Utgarde Keep one more time I may scream

PvP preference (do it a lot?): Never done it in this game. Though I would like to sometime...preferably with a group that understands I have no clue what I'm doing in that area.

Weekly on-line schedule: Nights and weekends server time, generally.

Enid is the very picture of a British gentlewoman in the 1880s - I would imagine "Chin up!" being a regular phrase for her. Yes, it makes it difficult to place her into an Azeroth setting due to the things she finds "rude" or "improper" being commonplace, but hey - it's fun! She's not like any goblins you've ever met. She speaks Common with perfect fluency, and no accent, which means all other languages are spoken with a Common accent. She is independently wealthy having been left a sizable fortune by her foster father.

I'm generally on my main Mordrain (belf priestess.) If you're interested in meeting either of them, send me a whisper. I'm ALWAYS up for RP (unless I've been guilt tripped OOC into doing a run with friends.)
Full name: Aramilis Dawntracker
Nickname: "Lis" [a feminine, teasing nickname devised by his sister]
Prefix: Farstrider
Title: None
Race: Sin'dorei ["blood elf"]
Age: Somewhere around sixty-eight and seventy years of age.
Position in society: Upper-middle class. His family is among the dozens upon dozens of royal houses that dot the political atmosphere of Silvermoon.
Face/Heel: Aramilis is somewhere in between. He doesn't love being the center of attention, but a little recognition every once in a while won't severely alter his ego for the worse too much. Is he well known? Somewhat.
Physical Description [abridged]: Aramilis stands at about six-feet and weighs a sturdy one-hundred-and-eighty-eight pounds. His pale-blonde hair, left unkempt for the most part give a rogue strand tied together that adorns his chest, frames an oval, stripped face that often has a non-descript expression or smug on its lips. The ranger often wears armor in a variety of dull colors - brown, black - and keeps his blade at his left hip.

Personality: [Still a work in progress. The best word that can be used to describe Aramilis is "restless"].
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Women.
Blood Line: The Dawntracker family has a long history of service within the Farstrider organization, though some members of the family in recent times have indulged in the arcane arts.

Role-playing "weight class": Heavy.
Role-playing status: I'm in character most, if not all, of the time. I often change my status on the MyRoleplay mod to let people know where I am, role-playing wise.

Guild: None.
City of choice: Silvermoon, though Aramilis will make the occasional trip to Orgrimmar to give the Horde's war effort a closer look.
IC Strengths: Archery, beast handling [to a point where Aramilis will acknowledge himself as having the profession of "beast handler"], experience in navigating difficult and/or dangerous terrain, minor knowledge of anatomy, swordplay.
IC Weaknesses: Aramilis lets his youthful arrogance and naïveté get the best of him at times. He also possesses much inexperience in handling political situations.
OOC Strengths: I kind of write for a living, so I'm a spelling and grammar *%#%. In addition, I've spent A LOT of my years role-playing in MMOs from Star Wars Galaxies to Matrix Online, so I feel like I've gained a good sense of how to follow lore and not create ridiculous, fantastical characters that break the continuum in about fifty different ways and perhaps open a hole in such space-time continuum and end all life as we know it.
OOC Weaknesses: A sometimes craptastic internet connection. I'm also three hours ahead of the server (because I live on the east coast), so I am prone to zoning out if doing late-night REGULAR role-playing. Oh, and I haven't played WoW in about three years so there's A LOT of new content to cover.
Leveling speed: If I have a lot of homework or midterms are around the corner, then I'll level pretty slowly [though I'll usually spend that free time leveling up profession]. If it's spring break or something in that vein, then don't be surprised if I'm about five to ten levels higher than when you last saw me.
PvP preference: Weekends are when the PvP monster side of me comes to play. "For Silvermoon, and FOR THE HORDE!"
Weekly on-line schedule: In slower weeks, I'm on usually in the late afternoon and evenings. In crazier weeks, I'll come on during the late evening. I'm about three hours of server time though.
Full name: Talzon
Nick-name: Talie
Prefix*: None
Title**: None
Race: Orc
Age***: Talzon was born during the First War
Position in society†: He's settled at around the low-middle of society. Your average soldier.
Face/Heel†*: Somewhere in the middle. He tries to be nice, but some people will just not like him.
Physical Description (abridged): Talzon is large among orcs, not so much in height but in body size. His hair has grayed and his skin has a leathery look to it dealt by the passing years. The only thing that still resembles youth in this orc is his eyes.

Personality: Calm, Fearless, Honorable
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Bleeding Hollow Clan

Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy
Role-playing status†**: Most often in character

Guild: None
City of choice: Since Garrosh became war chief, Talzon has settled back into Orgimmar
IC-Strengths: Fearless, Tactical, Strong, Durable
IC-Weaknesses: Distrust for Forsaken and Blood elves (sorry. He just doesn't like you.) He can be rather dumb at times, and his fearlessness can get him over his head.
OOC-Strengths: I have role-played for a large portion of my life. Close to 12 years now. I have played everything from a villain to a comic relief character. I've loved Warcraft from when it arrived in my home back in 1994. Though my writing skills are low college grade, I absolutely love to tell stories.
OOC-Weaknesses: My writing can be bad at time. I do know how to spell, I just have problems with run-on sentences. I also can be known to type slow since I like to look over what I write and make most of my responses up on the spot.
Leveling speed: I've hit 85, so ummm yeah? Until then my speed varies. Some days I zip through quests and others I just don't feel like questing or fighting at all.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I dabble in pvp. I enjoy it when I do, but that is not my main reason for getting addicted.
Weekly on-line schedule: Tuesday-Friday I am online almost all day. Sat-Mon I work from 4-11 est so I usually only get on for a couple hours before work and then again afterwards

Introduction: I have transferred over to this server from Venture Co, only a few weeks ago and am still looking for a home of my own. If you ever see me online don't hesitate to say hello.
Full name: Hale’akala Skychaser
Nick-name: Hale (Pronounced “Holly”)
Prefix**: Sunwalker
Race: Shu’halo
Age***: She is mature for a tauren, but still considered young. Think of a human in her thirties.
Position in society†: Sunwalker, therefore respected by her fellow tauren. She is also a high-ranking member of her Bearclaw Tribe.
Face/Heel†*: Hale glows with the sun’s warmth, and as a result, she has a trustworthy nature that most people can sense.
Physical Description (abridged): She is physically fit even for a tauren, due to her family’s intense level of physical activity. She has blue eyes clear as a sunny sky, and a long scar runs the length of her left forearm.

Personality: Hale is a kind and social tauren. She is curious about other people and places beyond the tauren’s homelands, and as such, she has spent much time between her home in Thunder Bluff, and Orgrimmar, the Horde’s cultural and geographic center. She is daring and brave, but often does not stop to think much about her actions. This kind of thinking was bred into her through fast-paced mountain climbing and beast-taming.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Hale has not considered settling down with a mate, at least not yet.
Blood line: Daughter of the Skychaser family, a line of tauren known for their adventurous nature and their tradition of taming flying creatures to ride.

Role-playing weight class: Medium
Role-playing status†**: Usually IC, aside from doing dungeons and questing

City of choice: Thunder Bluff
IC-Strengths: Hale is strong in body and faith, as An’she has watched over her ever since childhood. She is able to use the power of the sun with relative ease, and is
IC-Weaknesses: Despite being such a strong fighter and skilled outdoorswoman, Hale is adamantly opposed to killing. This is one of the reasons she uses a wooden totem to fight. As mentioned before, she is also fast to act without completely thinking her actions through, which has put her in dangerous situations in the past.
OOC-Strengths: I am very well-versed in the lore, and rarely mess something up there. Also, I am decent at RPing Hale on-the-fly.
OOC-Weaknesses: Apart from her backstory and personality, I’m having a lot of difficulty developing Hale’s personality/character. I believe this will fill out the more I RP with her though.
Leveling speed: Moderate
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Only as a healer, if ever.
Weekly on-line schedule: I pop in and out online through the day, and then find more extended time periods to be online in the evening.

Trivia: “Haleakala” is Hawaiian for “House of the sun”, an appropriate name for a tauren paladin, I think. Can’t wait to meet some people on the server and RP! Hi everyone! :D
Full name: Frystis Lendomand
Nick-name: None
Race: Human (Undead)
Age: 28 (At time of death)
Position in society: Engineer
Physical Description: 5’8” ; 87lbs. Standing at 5’8” and 87lbs, Frystis is withered, pale, and thin, every bit how a corpse looks. Flesh on her lower face is missing, revealing her jaw and the many hairline cracks on the left side of her face. Stained blonde hair lays in an oily, unkept mess on her shoulders, and her lidless, hollow eyes are covered by red lensed goggles, the left of which is cracked through the middle. Just below her sternum is a puncture wound, as if from a spear, and it looks as if her right kidney was torn out. When in battle, she carries a malevolent grin only accentuated by her missing flesh. Her weapons of choice are obviously explosives of her creation. A utility belt adorned with many various mechanisms. From bombs, to retractable, self heating prongs, and other gadgets.

For melee, Frystis carries a one-handed melee weapon of any kind, usually a blade, but whatever she can get her hands on, and a makeshift shield lined with disposed shrapnel. She knows enough close quarters combat, [learned from practice in the war quarter when not tinkering, as well as her time in Northrend] to be competent against the average being, and if she finds herself outmatched, she attempts to push back the enemy with her shield before using a more sophisticated solution in the form of her many gadgets.

Personality: Eccentric. She dislikes caution, which is an extreme she developed in life as a Tinker, and with the ‘blessing’ of unlife, her experiments have become more and more unstable to the point where even a goblin would give it a stamp of approval would it not explode with the pressure of pressing a stamp onto it. She absolutely adores her creations, treating bombs like children - before throwing them at the enemy and watching it burst in a mix of colorful fireworks, incendiary concoctions, and deadly shrapnel coated in acidic, poisonous ichor all at once.

Although eccentric, and even obsessive of her work, she is not insane to any stereotypical extremes, and constructs her mechanisms with precision and skill, announcing her creations with a matter of fact attitude. She treats other forsaken as equals, seeing them as fellow citizens and is always honest. For in unlife, she doesn’t see the point in lies. Does not understand sarcasm.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Not interested, biologically inactive.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: IC most of the time.

Guild: None
City of choice: Undercity
IC-Strengths: A knowledge of machinery, employs deadly explosives which would make even a goblin swoon, a stunning dedication to the Banshee queen.
IC-Weaknesses: The basic weaknesses of being dead, the contraptions she creates are more likely to blow her or an ally up than the enemy.
OOC-Strengths: I’m very open minded and lenient when it comes to accepting other characters. I very much enjoy coming up with deep stories for my characters which only are revealed as time goes on.
OOC-Weaknesses: I have a very long fuse, but when it goes off, I can get pretty mean. I enjoy socializing, and take offense when I’m ignored whether it be intentional or not.
Leveling speed: Fast
PvP preference: When not busy with anything else, I enjoy a few games of Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley now and then. I very much enjoy world PvP, and my character sometimes tends to sneak into Stormwind on occasion, knowing full well the consequences for doing so.
Weekly on-line schedule: On 70% of the time.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

I hope to find lots of people willing to accept my character, as well as meet many characters through random roleplay as well as participate in a number of deep plots.

The RP mods I use are MyRolePlay and GHI

EDIT: Changed character concept
Full name: Vaeronia Dawntreader
Nick-name: Vae
Prefix: Lady
Title: n/a
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: 86
Position in society: Knight of the Blood Knights; Blood Knight Ambassador to the Argent Crusade
Face/Heel: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Average height and weight for a blood elf female of her age. Used to keep her light blond hair down, using a headband to support it. Now she finds it easier to tie it back in a high ponytail. Also helps with the helmet hair a bit. Wears ruby stud earrings on her lobes, an heirloom from her mother. When hanging out in Silvermoon City, she sticks to wearing a casual shirt and pair of pants. In other cities she'll stick to her armor, though she'll take her helmet off.

Personality: Quiet, usually serious. Likes to help others. Wants to restore her people's tarnished name and make the Sin'dorei a respected race among both the other races of the Horde as well as the Alliance.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Swings either way, with a slight preference for women. Also has a thing for night elves and humans, although she'd never express it openly. The cultural taboo makes it more alluring.
Blood line: The Dawntreader family had a long-standing tradition of service to the high elves of Quel'thalas and the Knights of the Silver Hand. The only other member of Vae's family to survive Arthas' attack on her home was her mother, who stayed a High Elf and continued to serve the Silver Hand in Stormwind.

Role-playing weight class: Light/casual. Kind of a newbie at RPing on an MMO (though I am experienced in PnP and forum/chat roleplay), and I want to take it slowly. This might change depending on how much I end up enjoying it.
Role-playing status: IC during questing and random RPing. OOC on casual chat and dungeoning.

Guild: None yet.
City of choice: Silvermoon
IC-Strengths: Fiercely loyal to her friends and comrades.
IC-Weaknesses: Unresolved issues with her mother over her decision to become a Sin'dorei and change her allegiance to the Horde. Very awkward when dealing with the remaining high elves because of this.
OOC-Strengths: Open-minded and usually friendly and rational. Leadership experience online and off.
OOC-Weaknesses: Furiously shy to complete strangers. I have a really hard time taking that step to reach out to people, which has been misinterpreted as snootiness in the past. Posting in this thread alone is a major step for me.
Leveling speed: Average, I guess.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Interested in trying out some Battlegrounds, but otherwise I have no interest.
Weekly on-line schedule: Usually in-game late afternoons and evenings, with breaks to eat and go out. More active on weekdays than weekends. I run on EST.

Introduction: First off, I'm a male player. Just getting that out there so no one hits on my character thinking they might get some. :P Went with a belf female over male because I just find them more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Originally intended this character to be an alt, but she ended up being my main because I liked playing the class so much.

Basically, my aim is to have fun with a character I've gotten attached to with other like-minded people. :)
Full name: Abbeygale Shadesong
Nick-name: Abbey
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: No known title.
Race: Sin'Dorei
Age***: Young by her race's standards
Position in society†: She keeps a low profile
Face/Heel†*: Not known currently
Physical Description (abridged): She is small for her race, but she has well toned musculature. She is agile. There are certain added marks upon her but you'll have to rp with her to find that out. She doesn't openly display this. Her hair is black and long, and at times she wears what can only be described as war paint.

Personality: She's a trickster, usually in a jovial mood. If someone crosses those she is close to, she will be aggressive.
Marital Status: mated/married
Sexual Preference: men
Blood line: She has a father, Sathyr and her mother is deceased. She seems to recall she had a brother, but she can't remember him well.

Role-playing weight class: heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in character.

Guild: Primal Awakening
City of choice: Orgrimmar
IC-Strengths: Her cleverness, lying ability, focus and patience.
IC-Weaknesses: Paranoia
OOC-Strengths: Ability to "wing it" and rp on the fly. I enjoy random sily rp as well as multi para rp.
OOC-Weaknesses: If things are going too slow, I have a tendency to lose focus.
Leveling speed: Depends on whom i am leveling with and my mood.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I would if i had people to do it with more. Currently i only pvp with Aashen.
Weekly on-line schedule: Sporadic, but mainly in the mornings; 9am-3 am or so (EST) and 9pm-2am. (EST)
Full name: Dothgar Gore-eye
Nick-name: Doth
Prefix*: None
Title**: Of the Bleeding Hollow Clan
Race: Orc
Age***: 71
Position in society†: Boarding House Manager, Soldier, Old Horde Survivor
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, muscular, swirling red irises over a blue background, aged.

Personality: Gruff, somewhat easy going, stern.
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexual Preference: Female
Blood line: Father: Dogarmosh Burning-Arm. Mother: Natiranthi Echo-Blade

Role-playing weight class: Veteran
Role-playing status†**: See MRP

Guild: None
City of choice: Orgrimmar
IC-Strengths: Unconquerable Rage in combat, Berserker, Experienced
IC-Weaknesses: Heights, Fel Influences, Mistrust of Warlocks.
OOC-Strengths: Story Teller, Fighter, Enjoys making jokes.
OOC-Weaknesses: Slow typer at times.
Leveling speed: Fast
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Love it
Weekly on-line schedule: Seven days a week, Normaly online between 3-5pm till 10pm Weekdays. Undetermined on Weekends

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

I came to this server looking for an active Horde community. Cenarion Circle has taken a turn for the worst as far as Horde Side goes. I'm looking to expand my talents in Roleplaying with more IC interactions. So far I enjoy the community and look forward to seeing more of it. I am 23 years of age, married, no kids and came to this server with a group of friends.

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