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Yay new server!

Full name: Moxxy Sputterblast
Nick-name: Malchance aka Misfortune
Title**: Neophyte Priestess
Race: Goblin
Age***: 24
Position in society†: A (very) minor community figure in the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar. Moxxy patches you up, no questions asked, and deals with confessions for those with the guilty conscience.
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): An average goblin if there ever was one. She doesn't have any muscle tone what-so-ever and could very likely blend into any crowd. No scars or otherwise disfiguring traits.

Personality: Reserved, but always offering a smile and a friendly word. Her sense of humor's a bit lacking though, most jokes sail (far) over her head.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight

Role-playing status†**: Always IC unless in shadowform or a <busy> flag is up, usually means i'm messing with auctions, doing randoms or questing.

City of choice: Orgrimmar
IC-Strengths: Perception and healing. She can mend pretty much everything, as long as your limbs aren't detached before hand that is. Her eye-sight's also pretty good.
IC-Weaknesses: Could lose a fight to a wet paper-bag. Its very easy for her to misunderstand things and either get frustrated with someone, or get weirded out.
OOC-Strengths: Attention to detail. I try to include everyone when I can and flesh out whatever you can give me. If you throw me a bone i'll run with it :D
OOC-Weaknesses: My spelling isn't perfect. Spell-Check has completely ruined me. I try, but I still mess up and mangle a lot of stuff. Dont be afraid to correct me.
Leveling speed: Fairly quick but I've been really slugging it as of late. Getting through the 70s without people to pal around with is a bit disheartening.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): YES. I Love to pvp, absolutely love it. Being a pvp healer is my favorite thing to do in this game.
Weekly on-line schedule: For the next few months i'm on medical leave, so i'm online pretty much everyday with not a lot to do.


I used to play on this server months ago but had to stop playing just prior to cata. When i resubbed and was looking for a server, i remembered enjoying the community here so I made this priest on Horde. So far it seems the few people I knew have moved on, so i'm really looking for new friends and things that interest me: Namely PVP and RP. :)
I have a feeling my bio won't fit in the postbox. ;) << All there. :D
edit: will not be playing this character as much
Full name: Celestiae Nyghtwind
Nick-name: Cel, Shade
Prefix: Ms.
Title: Battle-Priestess || Confessor of the Order
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: Adult
Position in society: Soldier
Face/Heel: Depends, show her respect she will show you the same.
Physical Description (abridged): A bit on the tall side for a female, delicately built, people often don't believe she's a vet. Long white hair (around waist length) kinda plain for an elf. Usually in her armor or official robes. ALWAYS has a set of dog tags on her.

Marital Status: Single (Lover KIA)
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Orphaned at a young age so doesn't remember. Her surname was given by her Forsaken teacher once she completed her apprenticeship.

Role-playing status: Usually always IC.

Guild: Order of Sanguine
City of choice: Silvermoon (more because the amount of RP there, and no one hassles me for being an elf)
IC-Strengths: Shadow magick, keeping a calm head in a fight, loyal attitude, reading people.
IC-Weaknesses: Holy magick (can't heal without hurting herself), physical fighting, her 'family' and coffee. Curiosity tends to get the better of her.
OOC-Strengths: Very friendly person I like making friends, Always willing to help with lvling, dungeon runs, or free tailoring. Also not a drama llama.
OOC-Weaknesses: Tend to mistype things like 'yoiu' or leave a letter out due to very poor keyboard. Has trouble keeping mains/alt together so if I RP with you and forgot please don't be offended >.<
Leveling speed: Depending on class can be anywhere from snail-aspect of the cheetah.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Used to love it before 4.0.BOOM now I can't have my Raid AND PVP spec at the same time.
Weekly on-line schedule: Usually always online since I can play at work. Librarians FTW! and during summer I get a break from college.

RP is why I keep playing WoW. I like getting involved in story lines and character development. I like challenges that push my characters to think about their views and who they are. Please feel free to hassle them, start bar fights or ask for help. I am SUPER approachable OOC. I've been known to take breaks from w/e I'm doing to go RP with someone who requested me. All I ask is that you don't ask to RP with me then leave me waiting for hours.
Full name: Daicho
Race: Orc
Age***: 19
Position in society†: Curently Runt of the IronFang
Face/Heel†*: inbetween
Physical Description (abridged): Taller and very thin for an orc. only amounting to the physique of a rather large and intimidating human, but ripped with tightly knit muscle and covered in the wear and tear common for a constantly fighting orc.

Personality: Stubborn, prone to rage, loves fighting but is a good person at heart.
Marital Status: With mate
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Brillik and Kasha of the Warsong Clan

Role-playing weight class: medium
Role-playing status†**: ic when not questing, open to walk ups

Guild: IronFang Clan
City of choice: Avoids cities, prefers the wilds of Lordaeron
IC-Strengths: Strong and fierce fighter, following the path of the Blademaster
IC-Weaknesses: Very hot headed but its when he is calm that you need to keep an eye on him.
OOC-Strengths: lore buff, relatively fast typer when i know what i want to say.
OOC-Weaknesses: sometimes mixes up letters when typing fast, have only done pvp rp fights no dice or emote fights
Leveling speed: fast when i am doing it
PvP preference (do it a lot?): sometimes get sucked into bgs for like a day then go back to normal it usually for rp gear
Weekly on-line schedule: most weekdays from 10am till 7:00pm weekends varies

Other: please do no hesitate to walk up RP if you see me, just know that he is generally hostile and will calm down eventually and become likable.
Full name: Aganaer Verinias
Nick-name: Sometimes Aggy
Prefix*: Sir
Title**: Lightsworn
Race: Sin'dorei
Age***: 146
Position in society†: Of no import, just another fighter
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, skinny, elfy, dark hair. Generally walks around in armour.

Personality: Friendly, easygoing. Slow to anger, except when someone defenceless is being attacked. That pisses him off. Incredibly stubborn.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Son of a soldier

Role-playing status†**: 90% IC

Guild: Supremacy
City of choice: Silvermoon
IC-Strengths: Experienced veteran, good with the Light
IC-Weaknesses: Terrible at complex healing
OOC-Strengths: Type fast, can be detailed, also I know not to bring IC #%@* OOC. Not enough people realise that.
OOC-Weaknesses: Occasional typos, terrible at leveling alts.
Leveling speed: I are bad at leveling
PvP preference (do it a lot?): No.
Weekly on-line schedule: On a lot, no schedule
Full name: Athanair Sunrunner.
Nick-name: Locke or Sarge
Prefix*: Sergeant ( Changes pending on guild rank.)
Title**: None
Race: Blood Elf
Age***: 85
Position in society†: New to this society (character xfer)
Face/Heel†*: Face for the most part.
Physical Description (abridged):
6'1 lanky Blood Elf. He stands with a sense of confidence and he normally talks with a one sided smile depending on the subject and person.

Personality: Athanair is never serious, even when it comes to his own safety. The safety of others however is his main concern, especially those under him or ones that he cares for.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Straight.

Role-playing weight class: New to WoW RP. Played pen and paper for 5 years now though.
Role-playing status†**: 80% of the time IC.

Guild: House Carnesir
City of choice: Silvermoon City or Undercity.
IC-Strengths: Can do what needs to be done, no matter how hard the choice is.
IC-Weaknesses: Danseles in distress, dare devil syndrome, Always sees the best in people and never the worst.
OOC-Strengths: Up for RP anytime and won't bash someone for something. I like to help more than to criticize, for both game issues (Rotations specs etc) and IC story lines.
OOC-Weaknesses: Inexperienced writer and not the best speller.
Leveling speed: Average.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Im not apart of an active raiding guild. So far I only pvp, but would like to raid when given the chance.
Weekly on-line schedule: Mostly weekends. Work consumes most of my weekday
Full name: Al Azif
Nick-name: "The mad troll", "the lunatic on the corner"
Title: Self proclaimed high priest.
Race: Troll
Age: He forgot
Position in society: bottom of the barrel
Face/Heel: Heel. He's the homeless man with the sign that says "THE END IS NEAR!"
Physical Description: Normal height for a troll. He looks malnourished, and is incredibly gaunt and skinny. His yes are sunken as if he hasn't slept in years.

Personality: He acts like a creepy stalker. "There's something off about that guy…"
Marital Status: "Married"
Sexual Preference: straight
Blood line: In reality, nothing special, but he believes himself to be in a long line of priests.

Role-playing weight class: middle to high, but new to WoW RP
Role-playing status: Almost always IC unless stated otherwise

IC-Strengths: Intelligent, wise, sees things other people miss
IC-Weaknesses: delusional, creepy
OOC-Strengths: fairly witty, competent with grammar and spelling
OOC-Weaknesses: sporadic schedule (if i find more RP opportunities I could certainly be on more regularly)
Leveling speed: slow
PvP preference (do it a lot?): not too often
Weekly on-line schedule: I'm usually on late ate night or early in the morning, when you all should be asleep.

I'm looking for three things:
-Small, incidental RP encounters. If you see me blabbering on a street corner, call the guards, try to reason with me, throw me a coin, or just walk past and pretend I'm not there!
-I'm looking to start a bizarre fringe cult…
-I'd LOVE to be the/a "bad guy" in a low (character) level RP event. I don't care if I "lose".
Full name: Kalzer Carnesir(Adopted)
Position in society:Magister
Physical Description:6'3 smaller than most orcs, has gray eyes, light green skin, long gray hair, long gray beard, and wears black robes.

Personality: Not a nice guy, he only cares for himself and will do anything to gain more power. Marital Status:Single, feel in love once he's not doing it again
Sexual Preference:Straight
Blood line: Son of two memebers of the shadow council, so his blood line is not so great.

Role-playing weight class: New to WoW rp
Role-playing status:IC most of the time

IC-Strengths:Smarter than your average orc! IC-Weaknesses:Can easily sucumb to the currpotion of magic.
OOC-Strengths: Good at writing storie lines
OOC-Weaknesses: Not the best speller at times
Leveling speed:Average
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Sometimes but not a lot
Weekly on-line schedule: Manly on the weekends or late at night
(new to this toon, but I built a character background i think I can be happy with...yes I know he's sub-20 atm, but that's about to change)

Full name: Suhalgran Stonespire
Nick-name: Suhal
Race: Shu’halo
Age: 57
Position in society: Former tailor, now working way through the ranks of the Sunwalkers.
Face/Heel: Heelish
Physical Description (abridged): A hair under 8 feet tall, deep black fur with horns that match. He’s missing half a finger on his left hand and a large swath of fur has been singed off from his left hand to his shoulder, leaving burn scars visible.

Personality: Quiet, and a bit gruff to most non Taurens. Most who approach him had better come bearing at least a drink if they want anything more than a snort.
Marital Status: Single-ish, has a few “friends with benefits” that he relieves stress with.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual...not all his “friends” are female

Role-playing weight class: Medium-Heavy
Role-playing status: Almost always IC unless approached in an ooc manner (private messages mainly)

Guild: None at this time.
City of choice: Thunder Bluff
IC-Strengths: Very loyal to those who earn it. He’s vegetarian. He’s a beast on the battlefield, but has a mind to know when to leave a bad situation.
IC-Weaknesses: Stubborn at the best of times, impossible to deal with at the worst. Has some demons he still struggles with (not literally) He can be very distrusting of non Taurens.
OOC-Strengths: Tons of rp experience from tabletop to mmo. I love to RP when i can get a solid group.
OOC-Weaknesses: I tend to play characters that are insanely deep, but hard to socialize with. I can be a bit of an elitist at times =[
Leveling speed: I take my time
PvP preference: I treat it like fishing in’s nice for a distraction, but not a focus.
Weekly on-line schedule: Tuesday nights, Friday nights and Saturday nights, basic mail checking and solo questing before work on the weekdays (i work third shift)

Intro -
Having lost almost all his tribe to the Bael’dun massacre, he was a very broken Tauren. While never active in the political scene of the horde, he has always been a quiet Grimtotem sympathizer. He would never join the Grimtotem tribe though, feeling that it would do a disservice to his Stonespire tribe mates who died.

He hates greed with a passion. He blames the taint of greed for the loss of his tribe. With this in mind, he has a hard time trusting anything that has to do with the goblins. While he didn’t trust the Blood Elves at first, but thanks to a few would be travellers who could hold their drink, he has a new found respect for them.
Full name: Keiral'ashi
Nick-name: Keira, Kinni, Fang
Title**: The young Ranger
Race: Sin'dorei
Age***: Young (Im horrible with ages x.x)
Position in society†: Not really well known or even noticed at all.
Face/Heel†*: She is very young and a happy energetic little elf usually using her agility to occupy herself and keep things fun if she's ever seen in the city she might be with her friend or sister both sin'dorei and if not then maybe just sleeping in a corner.
Physical Description (abridged): She has a couple tattoos scattered across her body as well as piercings similar to the female human's eyebrow and nose and just a few metal loops in her ears.

Personality: Energetic happy person not much like other blood elves.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Women - Trolls, Draenei, Human, Blood elves, Night elves, Orcs (Basically alot of the races in general she doesn't really care which one she just wants to find love)
Blood line: ( That is for you to find out if you ever bump into her irp. ^^ )

Role-playing weight class: Im almost always in character if im not leveling or such though if i do go in character ill sometime's change my armor set not liking the one i level with. other that if im ever ooc im just having fun and goofing around with a friend or just alone enjoying myself or questing just to see what the quests have to offer mechanic wise.
Role-playing status†**: Mostly IC

Guild: SINFUL (Raiding)
City of choice: Thunder bluff (until trolls make their own city >:O)
IC-Strengths: Devotion to her training and her friends.
IC-Weaknesses: She has a VERY short attention span. Love(Trouble finding love x.x), Patience(Something she doesn't really get along with)
OOC-Strengths: I have rped for a long time and know my lore and how to rp :o and i like to do whatever really.
OOC-Weaknesses: I like to zone out when im tired....and dont usually talk to people when im in a raid if i do i try to keep it nice and short but not rude <3
Leveling speed: TBH I have no idea lol people tell me im a really fast leveler and thats without the help of BoA's which my hunter is in the BoA category but my mage was not.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I plan to try to start pvping on my hunter i do it on occasion for fun but i wanna try to get a little into it since hunters have really nice gear for rp too.
Weekly on-line schedule: Im usually online for atleast an hour every day just to say hit to friends if im not going out with my IRL friends to hang out with them and such.

Enjoy the read XD Hope to talk to you sometime or rp with ya :D If you ever just want to whisper me. Anyway now i go back to reading everyone elses character stuffs. so bubai :3
Full name: Wolfsorgel Shieldsplinter of the Frostwolf
Nick-name: Wolf, Wolfy
Race: Orc
Age: 50-60
Position in society: Warrior
Physical Description (abridged): Just as he appears in game.

Personality: Ornery
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Female
Blood line: Frostwolf commoner.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status: Always IC

Guild: None
City of choice: Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon


I love walk-up rp. So if you see me around, feel free to give me a poke. Dunno if Wolf will bite you through...
Full name: Derandel Sunwhisper
Nickname: "Del"
Prefix: None
Title: None
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: 113 years old
Position in society: Farstrider
Physical Description: Stands somewhere between five-foot-nine and five-foot-ten, on the lower end of the height spectrum. Athletic build, similar to that of a gymnast, with a strong lower body. Oval-shaped face with high-perched cheekbones and a long, slender nose; his eyes carry the fel-green color that betrays his identity; hair is long and unkempt, save for a single strand here or there, and sun-blonde in color.

Personality: Derandel has been through enough in one-hundred and thirteen years to understand the difference between when to think before acting and acting before thinking. Like some of his other kin, when dealing with the other races of the Horde, he abides by the philosophy of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", even with the more "close" allies of the Sin'dorei like the Forsaken.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Straight as an arrow.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy.
Role-playing status: I change my MRP often, so just be on the "look-out", metaphorically speaking. I'm often in character though, often traversing through Silvermoon. Don't be afraid to stop by and say hello.

Guild: None.
City of choice: Derandel prefers the comfort and splendor of Silvermoon City, but takes trips to Orgrimmar from time to time; he enjoys walking through the growing markets that have accompanied the growth of the city over the last three years.
Leveling speed: At least a level or two per day.
PvP preference: Little to none. I'm waiting until the higher levels before I begin to PvP regularly.
Weekly on-line schedule: Depends. I'm on usually in the afternoon into the evening on most weekdays, provided work or gigs don't pull me away.
Full name: Nyrix Shimmerfizzle
Nick-name: Nyr
Race: Goblin
Age***: 28
Description (abridged):

Inventive and energetic, though usually the descriptor to many goblins of her stature she truly exemplifies it most times.She's more eager and willing to call you 'toots' on first glance and rather open to chatting with anyone so long as their attitude doesn't clash all too much to her carefree one as well.

As for physical characteristics her eyes sport a brilliant teal shade as is seen with a overly large grin or smirk. She has no major scars on the open fleshed parts of her body that can be seen. As for other things her hair is long and winding, thick and with vast amounts of waves to it with a dark peacock green of a shade. Her ears at times along with her fingers will carry on a soot colour, possibly from recent explosive work but always from fiddling with her engineering. Her posture is always proud and tomboyish with an attitude to match and a grin to set the ensamble home.

Role-playing weight class:
Role-playing status†**: Normally always IC

Guild: Order of Iron Ascendance

City of choice: Orgrimmar

IC-Strengths: Despite what she says, is a softy deep down. Intuitive. Tinker and Tailor so know her way around fabrics and metals.

IC-Weaknesses: Stubborn as a mule. Extreme fear of being in the air.

OOC-Strengths: I'm, form what other people said a very amiable person. I love RPing with everyone and would spend all day every day doing it.

OOC-Weaknesses: I'm a scardy cat to approach people often times! D:
Leveling speed: Fast.

PvP preference (do it a lot?): Pvp is wonderful, but I'm always a healer...
Weekly on-line schedule: Evenings.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.) :

WELL! What I hope to find on this server I have. A large host of RPers and the most fun I have had in some time. All I continue to look for is more people to RP with.

This criteria does contain a few things you may not like, or necessarily care about. But others may like to role-play with people who level quicker than others, or PvP a lot. Also I find people who role-play sometimes have a conflict of schedule, making it harder to enjoy role-playing.

*:" Miss"
**:< No Heroic Name >
†*: Nyr is more or less has the economic mind set that if she wants it she can get it and no government or political or anyone is going to stand in her way so she chooses.
†**: ALWAYS IN CHARACTER! Trust me. Only time i'm not is temporary brackets around what I say and in dungeons. So you see me, I'm IC.

Full name: Lavitt Lightspire

Nick-name: "Lav", "Lavi", "L"

Prefix: None

Title: The Socially Awkward / "L"

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Twenty years of age in Human years.

Position in society: Average.

Physical Description:

The woman seems to hold a look of exhaustion when she thinks no one is looking; fingers trailing over the smattering of silver-hued scars engraved on the left edge of her jaw or steepled against her temple. Despite her young age, it's obvious the Sin'dorei hunter has been through many-a-things if the markings on her face & body are anything to go by.

If one were to bother taking a closer look at her, they would see the tell-tale signs of torture; cigarette burns and thin, criss-crossed scars covering her back and arms - most likely belonging to a whip. She doesn't seem comfortable disclosing any information pertaining to them and will most likely make something up or give a half-truth.

Lavitt is seen to be constantly rubbing at said scars or wringing her hands. It appears to be an old habit of sorts and something she does unconsciously; perhaps the result of thinking or nervousness.

Her hair is a shimmering blonde-white color when clean and is currently grown out, long and wavy. Freckles dust the bridge of her nose, a smattering of it on her cheekbones. She's ccasionally seen with blood and dirt encrusted in her hair when returning from long journeys although she maintains a fairly cheery disposition.

The woman's figure is curved in the exact right spots for her tall, slender physique, making her a clearly attractive individual if one were to look past the near-invisible scars on her body (indicating that they were healed more smoothly than most.)

The sniper walks with a smooth, graceful air about her, her lazy, trademark grin plastered onto her face.

Other times she can be extremely clumsy to the point of injuring herself, though that does not happen often (and is more than likely the result of embarrassment.)

Despite the relatively relaxed, grinning expression painted on her face, she's makes a point to stay alert and armed; a weapon blatantly visible or hidden amongst the folds of her clothes.


Personality: Blunt, teasing, sly and occasionally rude.

Marital Status: Divorced; single.

Sexual Preference: Men; She's !@#$%^-*!@#$.

Blood line: ----


Role-playing status: I'm always IC unless dungeoning or questing.


Guild: Abandon All Hope

City of choice: Dalaran, Elywyn Forest.

IC-Strengths: Marksmanship, surprisingly strong despite her slim, breakable appearance, a walking armory.

IC-Weaknesses: She loathes it when other people try to shove their beliefs or views down her throat. She doesn't take too kindly to it and will respond with a burning fury.

Leveling speed: SLOW AS HELL.

PvP preference (do it a lot?): I hate it.

Weekly on-line schedule: On from 2 PM server to 8 PM.


Come on up. I don't bite - at least, not all the time.
Full name: Euphyllise Coldword
Nick-name: Euphie, though she would really only be called this in life.
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: Arcane Theoretician of the Kirin Tor
Race: Forsaken
Age***: Died at age 28. Would be about 37 years old.
Position in society†: Professor in Dalaran
Face/Heel†*: Appreciated for her intellectual contributions (to academic society, conversation, etcetera), but estranged from social circles – due to an inclination towards ideas, rather than people.
Physical Description (abridged): A quick-eyed, curious-seeming mage, with rat-like posture and frail limbs.

Personality: Pointed, clever, awkward, and long-winded all at once. Masterful in theory, maladroit in practice.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Platonic.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy.
Role-playing status†**: Around others, almost always in character.

City of choice: Undercity (specifically the Ruins of Lordaeron: plenty of abandoned towers for study and lab work).
IC-Strengths: A capacity to adapt to social circumstances; in the presence of students, she behaves in very humanly, whereas with other undead she wouldn't give a second thought to niceties and the like.
IC-Weaknesses: As one of the Forsaken, lack of empathy. Worse yet, sometimes a lack of sympathy.
PvP preference: Only for RP gear.

Euphyllise can generally be found wandering about Undercity or Dalaran on her myriad errands. If you see her, make yourself known (especially if you're Forsaken)! She's currently conducting a study on post-Arthas undead meaning-making, so any new subjects would be much appreciated.
Full name: Doth'Rhuu of the Sandfury
Nick-name: "Rhuu"
Title: High Priest of the Sandfury Harbinger Mueh'zala and infamous slaver of Horde races.
Race: Sandfury Troll
Age: Somewhere around 60.
Position in society: Kill On Sight.
Face/Heel: A ratty looking old sand troll with deep scars littering his face. His hair is a matted mess that frays out in unraveling braids in every direction. His left tusk is carved into a howling desert dog. His eyes are a rather distinct ember orange that is not often seen amongst the blue eyes of the Sandfury Tribe - though for no particular reason. He always wears a cunning grin.
Physical Description: His emaciated body is a mangled mess from having been attacked countless times for the crimes he's commented to the Horde. Every scar a deep and nearly fatal reminder that there shall always be heroes willing to save the innocent women he's prayed upon. Symbols decorate his worn and dry-blood colored flesh, symbols strategically placed to appease Mueh'zala.

Personality: Somewhat demented and bitter. Untrusting of most and often times quite angry.
Marital Status: Slaver
Sexual Preference: Females
Blood line: Sired by a reputable Sandfury priest who had connections with the slaver Kagran'sho who then took Rhuu in to teach him the ways of being a slave keeper. Rhuu bread without consent with one of Kagran'sho's slaves siring Zul'thraze who lead the War Tribe and died in the Horde.

Role-playing weight class: Deep and Heavy.
Role-playing status: IC at all times.

Guild: The Exile Co.
City of choice: Zul'Farrak
IC-Strengths: Mind Control
IC-Weaknesses: Anything physical
OOC-Strengths: Writing out very detailed emotes in paragraph form that are cleverly written and intentionally poetic.
OOC-Weaknesses: RP fighting without using the roll dueling system. I really don't care much for using quick triggered fighting styles based off of class alone. I do not use certain spells on my priest due to the fact that they do not pertain to his story. And I absolutely hate going (( OOC )) just to explain a simple attack mechanic.
Leveling speed: Slow.
PvP preference: Withdrawn. RP fighting is great, real-time dueling and PvP is not my cup of tea.
Weekly on-line schedule: Almost always on late at night.
Full name: Azuraze Lorewind
Nick-name: Raz, Raze, Az
Title: Demonologist
Race: Blood Elf
Age: Like Jadoth, not sure on age translation, but about 21 or 22 in human years
Position in society: Upper-middle class simply from trying to attain a higher social status
Face/Heel†: Recognizable, but certainly not the center of attention but definitely not hated by any stretch.
Physical Description (abridged): He stands about 6 foot even. His ears and eyebrows are not uncommon among other Sin'Dorei. The color of his cheeks and ears give away how he's feeling whether it be embarassment, anger, or sorrow, the reddening would deepen. Usually found with a coy smirk on his face.

Personality: Usually quite cheerful, a bit reckless at times though. Certainly a romantic at heart.
Marital Status: Engaged

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status: IC 95 percent of the time

Guild: Talah Eburi
City of choice: Shattrath
IC-Strengths: Clever casting. He can cast just the right thing, at just the right time. He can hold his own even physically when in Metamorphosis
IC-Weaknesses: Not the most physically imposing individual outside his transformation. Also, he comes of as a bit of an anti-hero, willing to do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about, regardless of who or what gets in the way.
OOC-Strengths: Very quick with the keyboard. I am very articulate with my grammar and make few mistakes when describing something very... well... descriptive. I'm also very quick to join in one walk-up RP. I always have something to say, as it were. Sometimes this is bad, most of the time it's appreciated.
OOC-Weaknesses: I tend to break up my posts when I get in a hurry. I type one thing extremely well, have an after-thought and post another quick post, and another, and another, as the case may be. Also a bit of a grammar fiend. I'm usually not too rude about it, but I have a nasty habit of correcting people.
Leveling speed: No more leveling on this character, however I'm leveling two other toons at the same time, so I'd say slow-medium.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I am an avid PvPer and up to this point, am completely Vicious'd out except for my pants, a ring and a trinket. I can most assuredly hold my own in a pinch.
Weekly on-line schedule: I'm usually online after work on the weekdays, and when my RL wife works. I try to dodge WoW on the weekends until late at night in favor of spending time with said wife. :P

I've been on this server for quite a while, I've made alot of friends and I would say that I'm semi-well known in the RP community, especially around SMC and Dalaran. If you wish to contact me, I'm almost always on Azuraze, but from time to time, I hop to either of his two brothers, Azurant and Azurave, a DK and a Rogue respectively. Feel free to add either of them as well. Hope to meet some new faces!

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