My Holy Paladin Strategy

So, with everyone complaining about mana, and the nerf, I can still out last other healers. Some don't understand that now our priority seems to look like this.

3HP Word of Glory
Holy Shock
Flash or Divine Light people under 40% health
Judgement (That is currently the easiest way to regen mana, while not having a bad drawback other than a GCD)
Holy Light every time you have Judgement or Holy Shock on CD, but only when people are taking damage much like trash mob damage in heroics and things.

One thing that people don't understand in this expansion is that you shouldn't have problems with people taking burst damage, unless they are tanks, but I can compensate for just single target healing burst. I do this by throwing Hand of Sacrifice, maybe using Holy Radiance(It is like a big HoT with the funnel into Beacon), followed by Holy Light on the tank or Holy Shock on people that are below ~40% health.

Glyph Beacon of Light, DO IT NAO. Free casts means more mana, regardless, yes I do believe it interrupts the 5 second rule, but that to me is a fair trade off for it being free. So even in raids, you should be able to switch your beacon and remain mana efficiently healing with Holy light as a way to top people off. Yes, this means spamming it, but if you are geared for raids, your regen should be AT LEAST if not more than Holy Light and Holy Shock.

Glyph Cleanse, it seems (to me) that we are going to be doing a lot more dispelling than we did before, and with it's mana cost, and being one of two healers that can do magic dispelling, this is how they [Blizzard] are trying to keep us to our mana management.

Use the "Hands" wisely. You SHOULD have a talent that heals yourself, it's in the base talents of tree Holy tree. This allows you to use Hand of Sacrifice like a madman, especially for heavy damage phases, your healing on the tank does good, and you heal yourself, so you are able to mitigate damage on a tank, and you are able to handle it without much help from other healers aside from them just healing the tank.

Off-Topic: Blizzard, you might want to make sub-categories for each spec, so you don't have Retribution crying threads run together with the Holy crying threads. It's worse than an emo person with too much make-up.
Hand of Sacrifice is a great cooldown to pop on the tank to mitigate some damage. Holy Paladins have a few great tricks that people aren't utilizing to their fullest potential, it seems. HoS is one, well timed LoHs are lifesavers. I'm a big fan of popping wings then HR for great aoe healing. Not everything has to be HL spam.
I leveled my priest first and got disillusioned with healing. Now I am back to my paladin, and this thread makes quite excited to be a healer again. Thank you!
I am glad you are excited about this. I tried to make a stand-point from a different perspective. But other group roles need to learn to manage themselves better, especially the squishy...
I'm not level 85 yet, but I can tell from dungeons that I love love love pally healing, and the nerf actually makes the spec a lot more interesting to heal with. The only gripe I have with the spec is the fact that LoD is basically useless for 5 man situations, as my WoG heals for more than a full party LoD. The 40% nerf was unnecessary, as 20% would have done (in addition to the tower of radiance fix) to bring our AOE heals into line with what is expected.

Also, Shockadin is super-duper fun, as I can let my friend heal, and without changing specs go berserk on the boss, netting about 3K dps w/o CDs and 4-4.5K with CDs. it's also really fun for leveling. (Ret is horrible and I'm not touching it, so I'm leveling holy, which is actually a ton of fun.) Even when I'm healing, I can exorcism spam the boss or some mobs during healing downtime, and not have mana problems (getting the extra dps onto adds, getting everything done faster.) Holy pally is tons of fun, and I'm really liking the direction blizzard is going with them.

Also, as a person who REALLY enjoys the new buffs to shockadins, and that the experience of being a shockadin is truly a unique one in the game, I am BEGGING blizz not to nerf exorcism and holy shock deeps. BEGGING!

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