Anybody try sword and board as ret?

Just curious, has anybody done the numbers to see what the result is of a ret paladin using sword + board as ret? I mean not much would change in regards to glyphs (Shield vs Verdict obviously).

I was just thinking, with a faster 1 hander, wouldn't we get more procs of art of war / mastery? I don't believe these have a cooldown/max per minute proc since I've seen 6 art of war go off in a row (that was a very good fight :D haha)

I doubt it's viable, I just know a lot of people like experimenting so figured SOMEBODY had to have done it ;)
You lose the two-handed weapon spec (20% extra dmg), and all your % weapon dmg attacks will be weaker. You may get a few procs, but your HoL procs would be weaker. I don't have any numbers to actually back up anything, but since most of your dmg will come from CS and TV it just sounds like you'd be gimping yourself.
Might want to glance over at

The OP and I are trying to think out of the box, as you are, but from the other direction - running a Protection spec in a DPS role, but with Righteous Fury turned off so as not to generate the extra aggro a tank needs.
At level 80 when the new system hit I did dps tests with my normal 2her ( tyranical beheader ) and a level 30 something mace called the manuel crowd pumbler.

I'll admit the tyranical beheader isnt that great of a weapon but with the lvl 30 weapon , a iron counter wieght and a haste potion ( just to test the proc rates ). With all that crazy haste the dps on my level 30 weapon was only about ~300 dps behind my normal weapon. The insane amount of exo procs made up alot of the dmg.

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