Tower of Radiance

So an idea just popped into my head (so I'll admits it's probably a dumb one) but since they removed HL from ToR they could add that ToR now reduces the healing reduction on DP by 16/32/50%

That way Holy has a decent oh snap I needs mah mana cd but being deep enough so that ret and prot cant get it.

It's probably a dumb idea but hey it just popped into my head and figured I might as well se what everyone else thinks of it.
I assure you Judgement is the "mana regen" of the paladin class. What other healers can gain mana back through a spell that also increases their haste by a set 9%? Divine Plea is fine, you use it when you have a breather.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Use it during whelp phase
Valiona and Theralion - Use it during Valiona's Dark Flame
Omnitron Council - Use it when Toxitron and Arcanotron are up, very little raid damage going on
Magmaw - Use it while he's impaled
Conclave of Wind - Use it while you transition over to nature boss platform before his "ultimate" finishes.
I think comparing the paladin class to any other healing class is somewhat redundant at this point. No other healer has such a longish cooldown on their aoe healing spell, has to stay in melee range for optimal mana regen, has a second resource to manage, no talent to reduce their healing spells mana cost, and has their emergency mana cooldown also give a debuff on them.

Im not griping, im still doing fine with holy and enjoy it thus far. But i don't like it when people compare our healing style with others. I do however think Divine plea is too costly to use, you could say we can use it doing the most opportune moment, but healing is difficult as it is right now.

Divine plea was made for prot and ret, then given a debuff to enforce that. Now prot/ret dont need mana and divine plea hasn't kept up with the times. Instead of seeing it lose its debuff for a low mana cooldown, id rather see it do something more for all specs. It is a baseline ability, not a holy talent.

Edit: this post on divine plea seems out of place in a thread for Tower of radiance. My opinions on the talent is that it is no longer worth its 3 points. I thought the point of the talent was to promote people to heal the tank, since when we heal our beacon target we essentially lose 50% of that spell that could of gone elsewhere. Fact of the matter is we could use a way to generate HP faster that synchronizes with our spells. Im wondering if CSing like ive been doing will hold out in raids later. HP is not icing on cake, it is required for our aoe heal.

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