31 pt Holy Talent not worth taking now?

I'm having a ton of fun healing Heroics, and not having a huge amount of trouble when the group gets the mechanics down.

I find since the 40% nerf to Light of Dawn, I don't use it at all anymore. I put 2 points into Eternal Glory for the 30% chance for Word of Glory to not use Holy power, and it works much better than Light of Dawn as far as I can tell.

Some numbers, for those so inclined:

- I have 4856 spell power currently.

- I hit light of dawn for 4.5-5k healing on each target. Usually I can only get 4 peeps in the cone healing, including myself and the tank, so the tank usually gets healed for about 13k or so.

- Word of Glory heals the tank for about 13k as well. With 30% of the time I can heal twice for 26k. If I heal another party member, the heal is for 13k, plus 50% on the tank for 6.5k or so for a total of about 19.5k healing. Twice in a row is almost 40k healing from WoG.

It just seems more useful in every circumstance, since the group heal from LoD is just super weak (5k) and focusing healing power seems to be the way to go.

TL;DR: Is it worth it to spec out of Light of Dawn now? I know some people who are doing so and have not regretted it.

Disclaimer: I'm still 10 levels away from the cap, so my opinion probably doesn't matter to quite a few of you.

That said, I dropped my LoD only a few runs after picking it up, well before the most recent nerf. Based upon my experiences, Asking a PuG to 'cone up' is asking an awful lot out of a handful of people you'll likely never see again in 15-20 minutes. That, and predicting where the cone will actually work wasn't worth the effort. I have similar issues with other cone-based attacks: My Mage doesn't have Dragon's Breath, his Cone of Cold is generally only used at just outside of point blank range, etc.
If you're not speccing into LoD, where else are you going to drop one talent? LoD still has some uses.
12/16/2010 11:29 AMPosted by Reyea
If you're not speccing into LoD, where else are you going to drop one talent? LoD still has some uses.

I could use the extra point - Aura Mastery I don't really use, but the double resist aura would be nice for some bosses. Possibly 2nd point in enlightened judgements for judge range and less missing on judgement/stun. I'd actually use those. I don't use LoD ever anymore. Replaced it with Hand of Sacrifice on my cast bar since I finally discovered that ;)

I suppose it's just an option now, which is nice. Nothing to be worried about.

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