Is beacon broken?

In the tooltip in game (i'm 99% sure)it says that 50% of ALL healing goes to the character u put beacon on. Why doesn't this work with some healing spells, such as flash of light, where my beacon target recieve 0 heals when using select spells? Could it b an addon causing the issue? Is it an incorrect tooltip? Or is beacon just broke?
Could just be another stealth fix with no change in tooltip or patch notification. I dont use FoL enough to notice lol
well it seemed it wasn't working with DL either.. mainly just HL and HS
I suspect an addon is messing with the floating numbers, check your combat log. I just used all of my heals on myself with a party member having beacon, each one of them healed my beacon target for 50%.
Hmm I don't think beacons broken but the talent tower of radiance I believe is. On my paladin I ran the lost city, halls of origination and the vortex last night and when I was casting holy light on my tank who was beaconed I wasn't getting any holy power for it. I'm not sure if it was just a small glitch at the time but I plan on testing it out again today later. If it is a glitch thats consistent this should be fixed or they should update the talent so it says holy light doesn't add HP..
Read the latest hotfixes, Tower of Radiance no longer procs off of Holy Light.
and LOD was nerf 40% also

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