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Noticed my realm has been paired with a bunch of other realms ive never seen before in the last week. There is now a queue that never pops, ive been in Ashran queue for an hour+ a couple of times with nothing to come of it. I just want to PVP and have some fun?
same here, i was in que for 3hours and it was ridiculious.
Haven't you realized? WoD is all about long queues.

Its quarter to 12am on a sunday night and im being put into a queue, is this some sort of sick joke?
Having the same problem;

They merged us with a high population server that isn't even the same server type and now most of my friends and I can't get in.
I waited for 7 hours today on Velen...a low-medium population server....
Its obnoxious, what were the issues with having our already determined server crossovers for this. This isnt a BG
And when we did get in, the tree boss would be glitching. Seriously, worst xpac ever!!

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