API/C_LootHistory breaks when looting chests

Bug Report
I'm the author of XLoot, which provides replacement group loot roll frames.

I have had users reporting issues that I couldn't track down in the past that most often occur when looting a container.

Today I managed to experience the same issue and happened to check /loot.

Location: BRD

Action: Looting council chests in a LFG group

Expectation: Loot rolls triggered should properly fire LOOT_HISTORY_ROLL_COMPLETE and related events, C_LootHistory should provide information on the rolls

Result: As the looter, events sometimes do not fire and C_LootHistory does not return any valid information

Here is a screenshot from my PoV: http://i.imgur.com/wfIoNa7.jpg
Here is a screenshot from my party member's PoV: http://i.imgur.com/hElvMG8.png

A little frustrating since this means my addon treats the roll as not being rolled on and users believe their roll was not counted. And, in fact, they cannot prove that it was with their own /loot menu.
This has happened more times than i care to count, it is really frustrating to say the least. Such a great addon would hate to see this not fixed.

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