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After attempting to queue for arenas for the past week, I've been getting the dreaded "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found" message almost 90% of the time. I submitted a ticket about this a few days ago and it was answered with a copy&pasted message about how server traffic is the cause for this and that I should be "good to go". Looking forward to the first day of the PvP season today I figured I would be fine as per the ticket response, but this continued issue has ruined the start of the season for me and my partners. Before a blue poster comes in to tell me to delete/rename my Interface, WTF and Cache folders I have done this several times and read almost every past thread in relation to this problem in an attempt to fix it.

I'm interested in whether I'm the only person receiving this problem and would like it fixed as soon as possible, with all the problems that have gone un-addressed in WoD this is the most heavily impacting on individual members of the community.
Exact same situation for me

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