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So, the servers weren't up on a Tuesday until well before peak time. Oh no! This happens every month you guys, I don't see where you're trying to get at by canceling your sub. I'll just laugh at you.

I mean, did you not learn anything from Pandaria? Sheesh.
This happens every month?? o.O
With a game this old and this big you would think people would understand its going to have some hiccups along the way...
This is an outrage!

I refuse to play this game until the servers are back up like they should be!
The thing I learned from Pandaria was that just because a panda character has been around for years does not mean it's a good idea.
"Well before peak time"? Maybe PST, but it's about to go into peak time here on the east coast...

I'm not raging though, I'm just sitting here watching Netflix to pass the time.
Pretty much every Tuesday for the past 10 years. You might start to think this was just how much time it takes rather then that it was a new thing due to some perceived incompetence or desire to annoy the addicted masses.
Anyone remember the first few years where you pretty much wrote off Tuesday as a playable day?
I don't understand why people are freaking out so much. I don't like the extended maintenance either because it's disappointing, but I am not going to go on a forum and rage about it. I have other things I could be reading my textbooks for college. Why can't people just do *something* else while they wait?

Tuesdays are ALWAYS maintenance day, and yet every single Tuesday the forums are filled with people complaining about it.
I'm fine with waiting, most players however are impatient. The only thing that bugs me is blizzard first said the server would be up at 11 am PST, then 1 pm PST. Both deadlines have passed and still no word. If they picked a true deadline and stuck with it it'd be perfectly fine.
12/02/2014 02:03 PMPosted by Squidelz
I'll just laugh at you

No one cares. Or will even know.

12/02/2014 02:03 PMPosted by Squidelz
did you not learn anything from Pandaria?

Did you not learn anything the past several years? Servers are down...people rage. It's as regular and cyclic as the moon phases. Oh wait...are you a MoP baby? That would explain some things.
I'm not angered at all that the servers were extended, that's to be expected with new things being added, but why don't they anticipate this and make the downtime listed longer? Also, I don't know about anyone else but my launcher does not say anything about an extended maintenance, they just changed the time. Seems to me they are trying to slip the extended time under the radar for those who didn't log on previously and don't use nor have any interest in Twitter.
Tuesday maintenance is definitely the best day to read the World of Warcraft forums.
12/02/2014 02:07 PMPosted by Niixi
but I am not going to go on a forum and rage about it. I have other things I could be reading my textbooks for college. Why can't people just do *something* else while they wait?

Why can't you? You're sitting on the forums raging about ragers. You claim to have better things to why aren't you doing those things?
I am building a castle of salt from all the forum tears, its almost as big as Hogwarts after 10 years, but its only open to Trolls....

Spoiler alert...i plan to blow up the castle...i know, i am a bad person =(
I agree with Raeyne. Consider those in different time zones. Also, if you announce a time stick to it. I can wait, but I would rather know up front how long it is likely going to take.
I am literally going to laugh my !@# off if flying is in this patch. I brought up maintenance a few times in why are you wanting no flight because I highly doubt it's a simple on/off switch for it and got downvoted into oblivion each time. I know Highmaul is in this patch but omg, if flying is in it too? Deliciousness.
If people flip their lids from not being able to play a few hours during the release of new content how could they ever give up the game for all eternity?
Q: How many Blizzard employee does it take to change a light bulb ?
A: Four. One to change it and three to hold the ladder.

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