Nagrand Is the Best Zone in WoW History

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Cata silverpine is the best zone as far as merging questing and story is concerned. Nagrand has a really good ending quest and the awesome cutscene....but that's about it.


Nagrand is awesome because of its verticality. The verticality is awesome because you have to explore to get up there. And don't start whining about mobs. If you're too inept to avoid aggro range and/or move fast enough to leash the mob(s) 99% of the time then that's your own damn problem. I learned to avoid and leash mobs in Westfall when I started playing. There is no excuse for being so incompetent.

TLI ignoring mobs and humping walls = adventure.

"Exploring" is fun the first time through a zone. The second time, and every time after that, it's just tedious.
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Nagrand in WOD is absolutely perfect. Bravo Blizzard (Y)

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not.
I was just thinking about that the last time I was in Nagrand. What I liked about Nagrand was that it felt alive ... living and breathing. But this, with riotous wildlife and foliage everywhere you look, makes it pale by comparison. Then I realized: BC Nagrand was the most livable place on a dying planet. What I didn't realize then, but do now, is that it too was dying. A heartbreaking discovery.

Also, Oshu'gun. Or, as I called it in BC, Big Rock Candy Mountain, because as Alliance we had NO CLUE what it really was. But now that we see it before the Ethereals started stripping it for spare parts, its heritage is obvious.

Nicely done.
while it does come down to opinion, i find nagrand to be incredibly bland but with some coolish bits here and there.

Spires of arak remains to be my favorite zone of this expansion
I hate Nagrand.

BC-Nagrand was bearable because it was mostly flat and you don't get stuck circling the same mountain 4 times because there's a random path tucked away that you don't notice.

Also gliding for treasures? e_e;
It's pretty and the monsters are okay but the story was the least interesting of all the zones. It did have some fun parts, like the Ring of Trials.

It would've been a bit better without Thrall.
I resubbed because I loved Nagrand in Outland, and once I saw we were going back I could not contain myself to give it a try. I can not wait to get there!
♪ ♫♪ I got them zangar marsh blues... ♪ ♪♫
Honestly Nagrand in WoD is pretty bland. Not as bad as Spires, of course.

Outlands Nagrand at least have the pretty fliying islands.
The new Nagrand zone is best described as "topsy-turvy". While some people might appreciate such a design, the tedium of exploring all of its odd terrain is best left to the birds. WTF (Wait Till Flying)

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