How to fix the game in 30minutes of thinking

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12/09/2014 10:03 AMPosted by Jojaphatt
Good post outside shifting for druids and faerie swarm. You remove that and the class is useless and a glass cannon. Boomkins only have Barkskin and shifting is their only means of a good defense.

I don't see how a root break is the end of ever surviving anything seeing as roots break on damage anyway. I'm not saying to get rid of snare removal and being perma slowed.

Faerie swarm i'm on the fence about design wise of why remove faerie fire from resto/balance if they can just talent faerie swarm anyway and the slow attached to it goes against disarming the arms race of mobility vs anti mobility.

You can't get rid of most melees absurd mobility until you tone down a lot of the ranged spam-able snares faerie swarm and hunter's frozen ammunition being the biggest two offenders.
12/09/2014 10:09 AMPosted by Mendi
Personally, for a truly balanced game healers shouldn't have CC. Only defensive CC EG. Nature's grasp.
But this would make healer unrewarding and unfun to every play in the first place.

Just a few random thoughts advocating for my class

Design wise Wrath priest and shaman were the best healers have been designed in terms of being able to commit offensively to a team without being practically a dps class.

Hotw in MoP was very fun design wise, but way too strong along with the fact that offensive healer support shouldn't be from damage. Though that aside overall design wise, Rdruids have the best design and most potential with clone to consider it the best designed healer mechanically in MoP/WoD.

Healers having offensive impact on a game without it being op damage oriented helps make healers feel important instead of the two dps high fiving each other and really thinking about what the healer did besides keep them alive.

The pacing of the game for wrath disc priests and just rmp in general in terms of healers helping setup 3v1 CC is healthy for the game.
12/09/2014 02:08 AMPosted by Nahj
-Remove desecrated ground. Extra trinkets are bad game design.

if only Desecration could come back....

a man can still dream.

12/09/2014 10:17 AMPosted by Deathbornog
if only Desecration could come back....

Long as it doesn't litter the entire arena from mashing necrotic every global....waddle bot nightmares.
One of the biggest things that kept ferals under control was fear, which is obviously not as prevalent as it used to be. I also don't see polymorph immunity during shapeshifts to ever go anywhere, it would just nerf the entire class across the board in unwarranted ways.

In S11 ferals had Dash/Stampeding Roar to break roots. Going back to this design wouldn't be too awful if they lowered the cooldowns of both abilities to be more in line with the root breaks of other melee. If they nerfed bites and baked that damage back into bleeds then the loss in mobility wouldn't be that detrimental to your class because you can still do considerable damage while being kited via DOTs.
For Survival traps, putting Ice and Freezing on seperate 24 second CDs would be better, I think. You can't just boost the cooldown, as it is low so that they can actually take advantage of the roots and stuff they get from Ice. I also think that doing all of those hunter changes would be too much.

Silence being 2-3 seconds for Disc might be enough instead of removing it completely.

Completely removing power shifting would be too much. If they did remove it, druids would need a 50% reduction to roots at least.

I think Rogue would be too strong (and the rogue mage combo especially) with these changes, but overall the game would probably be in a better spot than it is now.
Blizzard, give this man a job.
1 of the best posts ever a non bias rogue o_O
I didn't play in wrath so anything I mention isn't with confidence.

All around my all time favorite comp (and, well, I'm sure anyone who watches and enjoys PvP) is RMP/D.

It was always hella fun to watch anyone who streamed it because it could do so much!

The issue is:

The careful setup of a 3v1 that RMP set up in wrath took high coordination and, well, skill.

It is healthy for fun and competitive gameplay.

But there's always going to be rot comps, tanky comps, ect.

Moreover an issue on how can we get ALL those styles of the comp to promote "a good, healthy gameset."

As Verdant put it "I love watching the other team wittle away and squirm"
(Whenever I asked him about why he likes lsm)

Same for me in the sense I'd love a comp format of completely offensive and as a healer keeping my team offensive, but auto-losing if we didn't keep good pressure.
(Which was monk beast, however then biggest issue being stupid good class combination EG lock/sham rdruid/mage monk/shaman

Sorry for formatting, on phone.


How can we make all styles of comps, rot, cleave, setup kill ect. Healthy for the game?
12/09/2014 10:38 AMPosted by Mendi
How can we make all styles of comps, rot, cleave, setup kill ect. Healthy for the game?

there can only be one
I actually disagree with the warrior survival changes suggested. Reason for it is that warriors should be more about mitigating damage and less about healing. Having d stance, a stronger barrier and dbts should be the main focus we have 1 good heal ER and a temp hp boost that actually makes wars unique instead of the carbon copy "self heals" that every class seems to have.

We should be tanky by taking less damage and in emergency situations, having a heal. Plus 1 passive Dr and the rest of our defense being active isn't bad especially since we don't have the MoP sw that made wars very tanky without actually doing anything other then dropping below 35% hp.

So all wars need is for barrier to actually absorb a decent amount when using 60 rage and we would be balanced because we trade offensive power (a ton of rage) to be tankier for a short period of time which means less popping swiftly's while not being punished because we have a shield wall up or something
12/09/2014 02:08 AMPosted by Nahj
but anti CC swifty buttons are horrible game design.

Rogues can cloak and evasion offensively to avoid peels.

12/09/2014 02:08 AMPosted by Nahj
-Remove nimble brew. Extra trinkets are bad game design.

For a class that has no anti CC or spammable damage mitigation (or even damage mitigation in general) I think its necessary. Also our biggest defensive cooldown often requires us to break a CC to use.
the best advice I have for all of you is to stop playing world of warcraft with any grain of seriousness. they don't give a !@#$ about pvp and it will NEVER be balanced. Ever.
Great post, I agree with almost every point here.
So you would wanna buff karma but inside of that 1.5min window we have even less defensive and die easier? Sounds legit.
Also you forgot offensive dispels need a CD or like 5-8 seconds or something along those lines.

Oh also fist should be at LEAST a minute CD. It's currently ridiculous.
12/09/2014 02:08 AMPosted by Nahj
-Make frostbomb back to how it was in MoP and make it do damage. Ice nova is boring and gimmicky.
I actually like the current frostbomb design. It gives our crappy shatter combos a little more oomph. It just needs a little love.
I wonder if during 3.3.5 Nahj was calling for nerfs to sub because it completely counters feral. Was he there during 4.0.3 where mages were completely overpowered to the point of absurdity? What about after s9 where warriors were doodoo in pvp for the rest of the expansion? How about when hunter was putting out 500k dps with just pets in the beginning of s12? Does he remember legendary vial rogues? Warglaives? Fan of knives interrupt?

What's the point of threads like these? Blizz never admits they are wrong. They are more likely to do the opposite of your suggestions just to spite you. They don't need you to fix their game. If they did you wouldn't be posting here, because you would be busy working for them.
12/09/2014 02:15 AMPosted by Krayik
Let me find time for that 300+ energy to get an SR and rip up while eating CC's and sitting roots.

What does sub do then besides when using cooldowns? With fear and clone being on same tier being immune to sheeps is too strong, but changing that ruins rdruids only way to stop a sheep (shapeshifting deep etc).

A melee shouldn't be immune to a very important CC on top of being unslow/rootable.
12/09/2014 02:15 AMPosted by Krayik
Also: only guardian and feral have FF. Balance and resto don't.

Hense I said if one of the designs of WoD was to get rid of FF for resto/balance then don't let them take faerie swarm either.

Or at least get rid of the slow attached to it after getting rid of burst of speed.

12/09/2014 02:18 AMPosted by Dartail
half this stuff isn't even an issue

Says the male human ret paladin with 0 experience...

The main problem with ferals that I see is that blizzard removed hibernate which really helped against ferals. Also faerie fire is a valuable tool against rogues, and i think it is fine the way it is. If anything maybe rogues need a slight buff compared to the other dps classes right now and then small things like faerie fire wouldn't be such a problem for them.
12/09/2014 07:20 AMPosted by Nahj


I ??'ed it because I wasn't sure. Just logically outside of spell steal glyph healing mages have no healing whatsoever besides regenitive ice in an already bloated glyph list for 3s.

omg based nahj replied

I don't think every class needs to have self healing. Instead of adding more in to make it fair, I would rather eliminate most non-healer healing. I like Recuperate a lot, since it costs attention/resources to sustain. Spellsteal is a really creative self-heal that I like a lot too. Free, automatic healing like Spirit Bond and Soul Link heal don't belong in the game, especially not on dedicated DPS classes. Hybrid DPS should lose instant healing that isn't tied to damage like Rejuv, Cenarion Ward, Healing Stream, and Word of Glory. More hybrids should go the Windwalker way of having to hard-cast heals, so that it's actually risky and penalizing.
12/09/2014 02:08 AMPosted by Nahj
Frozen ammunication

What is an ammunication?

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