Why are ALL hunter's gear fugly?

As a dwarf I disagree, I look great in my current set. Still experimenting with the boots though, I'm trying these because I like to fish and I wanted to give my boots a "muddy" look as if I've been in water. Also I thought they could make good fishing waders because all you have to do is pull those flaps up and bam you got thigh-high waders to fish with. I like practicality in my xmogs.
actually, i would be all over the ranger style look.
What...? The CM set is amazing. What is wrong with you? D: There are plenty of awesome looking mail sets out there. It doesn't always have to be about skimpy armor.
Don't get me started on hot Shaman transmog vs. Hunter transmog ;)
I hated almost every hunter set before MoP. I think hunter sets have taken a turn for the better. And, the CM set is my favorite set of all time. If i can get that 2K for the elite pvp season........ Oh boy.
at least for girl gamers? What does that even mean? There are plenty of whorish mogs available to us. I have a fair few sets, but personally I like the thicker plate-ish stuff. The challenge mode gear from mop is awesome.

Oh and from looking at your mog it just honestly looks like you have no idea what you're talking about or have invested 0 time in obtaining anything half decent
I have zero issues with making awesome xmog mail sets. I always look awesome.
I really have to disagree. There's a lot of really nice mail armor out there for hunters as well as shamans to use for transmog. You just have to look around a bit more. I also really love the hunter CM gear from MoP, it's incredibly detailed and is very 'hunter' with the wolf shoulders, as well as the color scheme, at least in my opinion. I actually have a difficult time switching to other transmogs since getting my CM gear in MoP because I like it that much. I also actually really like many of the hunter tier sets, Dragonstalker, Giantstalker, and Demonstalker just to name a few. They're pretty bad !@# imo.

If you don't like the sets, look around for individual pieces to mix and match. Look for things in color schemes you like, and build your own set. No one ever said you needed to stick to hunter 'sets', especially if you don't like them.

If you want something more 'skimpy', you could probably just use the Battleforge armor since it works really well on the blood elf model. It's also Black/Gold/Red so you really can't go wrong with that one. If you want something not particularly skimpy but very detailed with good color coordination, take a look at the Mistshroud set from BC. It's worth noting however that the Mistshroud set will be time consuming to obtain since it's very rng based with drop rate.
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But w/o hating on hateful either
Or whoever finds a matching set for scourge stalker SWAT like gas mask.
Hunter armor is NOT ugly, look at mine.
they really need to tone down on the hunter helms with viking horns
Personally I've only found a small number of mog sets I like for this toon. The furious gladiator set and the swift arrow set are my two favorites. The set I'm wearing now is of my own design. I was trying to design a rangari look for my hunter. I haven't remogged the belt yet and I am not displaying the helm. The issue is that it is partially comprised of strength mail.
I think generally hunter sets have been a bit lacking in the looks department as well. Like even the set I have mogged on this char looks terrible on my human female and male troll (fnelf makes everything ok I guess).
I think the Problem lies with Hunter having the weakest Identity in the game. Look at the other classes, shamans have there strong connection to the elements, Paladins are warriors of the light, warlocks are about fel magic and demons, DK about well undeath, etc all the other classes have a very strong identity. Hunter we.... hunt things? what does that even look like, most hunter sets look like the things we could possibly hunt, like gronn stalker or crypt stalker. Because most of our gear is made to look like some kind of creature there are alot of distinct features in the gear that make it very hard to mix and match gear because all the sets are so different.

PS Ignore my gear i don't even know whats going on with it anymore
With all of Bliz's resources it continues to baffle me that they dont have a small team dedicated to nothing but cosmetic type gear for all classes. They could make a killing selling sets in the store. Games like GW2 do this with success and positive feedback from the community.
I really enjoy the s1 glad set.
The blues from WoD dungeons look the best - at least on a Blood Elf. I find most of the other mail pieces to look like lukewarm vomit.
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Look at MoP's Challenge Mode transmog, it's fugly to say the least

Don't take that comment to heart.

It's the end goal of most female butt elves to look like Barbi.

You look awesome :)
I actually really like the look of the new dungeon sets. It has more the the ranger look to it that you are referring to.

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