Rate the Rogue Transmog above you!

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eh.. rude -1 for that
so 4/10
Post no longer necessary. ~ Edit.
@Aldraxic 8/10. Would be higher but your pose won't let me see weapons :/
Kujaroth, sorry bro I hate the look of that armor. 3/10.


I think you're going for the green-camo look, but, you haven't mogged your boots and the tabard clashes horribly.

01/13/2015 03:09 AMPosted by Kujaroth
@Aldraxic 8/10. Would be higher but your pose won't let me see weapons :/

What is it with these horrible Armory poses? The face on my toon looks like she has just smelled one of Holinka's farts...
9/10 one of my favorite sets, just like to see a sneaky mask of some sort to go with it :)
@Prophits Red and black a man after my own heart. 9/10 got this super villain look but a bad !@# one.
8/10 that set seems to fit blood elf very good
@Martiloz , i like what you did there 9.9/10 for making the t1 look good
Would be higher if your weapons matched more.

8/10 But plus one for being so green so
9/10 But minus one for being so pointy so
8/10 But plus one for the pose that says...

"I'm waiting in line at the bank.'

Hell, YOU WIN! 10/10!!!
@Swetch - 8/10 Nice and simple. Looks good.
@Shivins - 9/10, dig the hat m8
8/10 PIMP DADY YO!!!

(just realised my boots arnt moged, noo forgot to do it before logging last night)

5/10 Looks ok but could use some flare to it.
6.5/10 - The shoulders aren't tmogged yet (or updated yet). I dislike the blue on a horde toon :P
Im not a fan of rogues wearing dresses/druid stuff so i say 6/10

Mine before this was originally bloodfang helm and tyrannical shoulders. Im liking this more.
10/10 would bang

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