Dudes. Fire and arcane are going to be amazing now right up there with frost! Our prayers were answered!
idk....the extra crit for fire is nice for sure, but idk if its gonna bring up its dps that much...i sure hope so. some dmg buffs for fire woulda been nice
Fire will be the top spec in mythic gear easily with this change.
Molten armor buff is useful, enhanced pyros is garbage. Because you have to cast any of the 2 spells that we all are praying for a dmg increase. The meteor over time dmg...a joke.
Arcane got great buffs, happy for them.
is comet storm useable now?
12/08/2014 05:40 PMPosted by Eleveneleven
is comet storm useable now?
I'm wondering that myself... I doubt it though since it was insanely weak before. It used to hit for ~16k (not including crits), now it will hit for ~20k, which still isn't that great, considering FFB and IL crits are over 30k...

I'm hoping someone does a bunch of sims with the new data though and gives us a rough idea. I love the idea of working a short cooldown into my rotation, but only if it's viable compared to PC and TV...
are the tool tips not registering the buffs we got, still looks like comet storm is only 1.6k to me

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