December Giveaway - the Giveaway Nelf returns

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Hi everyone!

For those that don't know me, I've gained the nickname of "The giveaway Nelf". It started when I started these monthly giveaways last year. I had to stop for a bit, but with a new job and this lovely sale, I can begin again!

This giveaway is for either 2 pets OR 1 mount currently on sale in the shop. Those are:

Moonkin Hatchling, Alterac Brew Pup, Cinder Kitten, Lil KT, Blossimg Ancient, Cenarion Hatchling, Pandaren Monk, Soul of the Aspects, Lil Ragnaros and Lil XT.

Winged Guardian, Enchanted Fey Dragon, Iron Skyreaver, Heart of the Aspects, Swift Windsteed, Armored Bloodwing and Celestial Steed.

Please state in your post which you would prefer. This giveaway runs from now (approximately 5:32pm EST) until Wednesday, 12/17/14 at 9pm EST.

How it works: I do a /roll in game. If the number that comes up corresponds with the number of your post, you win. I will post my btag info in the final post with the winners listed. I'll catch up with you in game, give you the code and voila! New pets (or mount)!

I repeat as always, this is NOT a scam. I've had many winners here over the past year who can attest to that. I place this in General because the one time it was moved to Community Events, almost no one knew it was there. I like to give everyone a chance.

If you don't win, don't fret! I will have these over the next few weeks while the sale is active, then go back to it being a monthly thing. Good luck and if you have any questions, please ask!
Once again I'd like to simply thank you for what you do, Giveaway Nelf! Good luck to the people signing up.
Thank you!

I'd love Lil KT and Lil Ragnaros if I win =3
Hi! If I win I would like the Iron Skyreaver. And thanks for being so generous :)
Iron Skyreaver would be my choice. :)

Best of luck to everyone who enters!!
I would love Cinder Kitten and Soul of the Aspects.

Thanks for doing this :)
Swift Windsteed would be my choice!

Good luck all who enter!
Cinder Kitten + Soul of the Aspects if I win it. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
Winged Guardian.

Thanks and happy holidays!
ooooo... thank you so much for doing this! I would love Cinder Kitten and the pandaren monk if you happen to roll on mine.
Thank you for doing this again! Enchanted Fey Dragon is my choice. :)
You da best. I'd love my one of those skyreavers.
Winged Guardian please!

May the odds be ever in your favor!
Fey Dragon.

And you're a sweetheart. :3

Always nice to see people doing things like this. Makes me sad I'm usually too broke to. ><
Swift Windsteed , oh and thanks ahead of time
Oh wow, that's really generous of you!

Enchanted Fey Dragon is my choice :D
I need an Enchanted Fey Dragon in my life please <3
Good luck to all and thank you Give Away Nelf!
Welcome back!

Winged Guardian, it's the only mount I've really wanted. When I had the money I bought one for a wonderful friend and now i'm secretly jealous of her.
Awesome and congratulations on the new job!

Cinder Kitten and Blossoming Ancient for me.

cool! i really wanted the iron skyreaver when it came out but dident want to pay for it lol... im lazy >.>

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