Quest Socrethar's Demise bugged ?

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This just happened to me too, no dice on getting a group to work around it
Quest is bugged for me as well, and I am unable to use the workaround. Would like Blizz to address the issue.
Quest is bugged on Whisperwind on 12/18 11:14 server time.
Been bugged for me on Dentarg for 2 days now. Banner is there, but unclickable. Deleted cashe, diabled addons, dropped and re-picked up quest. Nothing is working.
This banner is dragging me down.
Same issue on Twisted Neither (Horde) I opened an bug report.
Similar problem to Famu, but with a different angle.

First, Getting invited to another realm works. Wasn't working on Moon Guard, so I took the cheap way out and got invited to a Shattrath apexis daily group through Group Finder. Huzzah! I could click on it!

Then I chickened out, thinking I couldn't finish it in a raid, and so I dropped the group. And then Soc and the two NPCs disappeared, but now the new banner is just "green" showing that leg of the quest was completed.

Probably should have just stayed in the apexis group.

Edit: Dropped the quest and went back and picked it up, and luckily a cross-realm friend was on by this time. Joined his group and completed the quest just fine. But yes, had to get invited again to interact with it.
a work around some have mentioned is joining a different realm's group. what i did was searched for a group working on the daily assault quest from a different realm than my own. banner became an outline and let me continue the quest.
I did this quest a few days ago. I'm on whisperwind, but had to join a group from another server doing a shattrath assault run to be able to click the banner and finish out my quest. lame workaround but works for now.
still bugged for me from the start
still bugged, can't click on the banner or do anything
Just tried this part of the quest and its still bugged.
Still Bugged
12/30/2014 socrethar's demise quest still bugged. stuck cant finish quest.
Bugged, common Blizz!
12/30/2014 02:24 PMPosted by Shahram
socrethar's demise quest still bugged. stuck cant finish quest.
Still Bugged, bummer
Bugged here too
Bugged for me too.

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